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  1. is there anyone who use to have this kind of problem (gaps of silence) and got the unit exchanged or repaired? I would like to know, becuase I'm expecting a replacement mznh900 and I want to know if the problem was fixed. Sebastian
  2. definitely your unit is defective. go to: eservice.sony.com (without the www). there you can ask for a repair or an exchange from sony (if you're in u.s). about that "missing caracthers" problem check this: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=10434 sony will do a firmware update to fix this problem. so, if you ask for a repair don't forget to mention that you want the firmware update. hope that helps Sebastian
  3. hello I will exchange my mz-nh900 because of a reading problem. I have to choose between another mz-nh900 or a mz-rh10. What do you think? Which one should i choose? and Why? thanks for your time Sebastian
  4. i had gaps of silence in the middle of tracks in himd discs. not in normal md's. so i sent my unit for an exchange. i will receive it in a couple of weeks. i hope this one works. (btw it's a mznh900)
  5. i believe the correct answer is: NO
  6. i have tried it too. not possible. the dvd that i tried to record to md was protected. but, you can bypass the protection (i did it), but if you do that you cannot set the recording levels manually. hope that helps
  7. hello it's me again take a look at this post http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...gaps+of+silence on one of the latest post of the first page of the topic you will find a way to know if the disc is defective. look, i experienced the problem of gaps very randomly and even sometimes i recorded the whole disc and then i playback and there were no gaps of silence, so i contact sony ..bla bla bla.... my unit was defective. so be carefull , and keep making test with different discs because youor unit maybe defective. bye and good luck
  8. hello i had the exact same problem as you. i only had that problem with 1gb discs and the gaps of silence were randomly placed. so, i contact sony chat support and phone support a pair of times. one guy at the chat support told me that i should exchange my unit. so i did it. i request for an exchange online. i sent my unit like 2 weeks ago to united states (i'm in chile, south america) and i'm waiting for the exchange. if you have any questions i will help you. bye
  9. hello what do you want the unit for? if you're looking to edit music, it is not possible with the nh3d but if you want a unit just to listen to your downloaded songs you should get the nh3d. it seems that the construction of both units is very similar. tell me what do you want the unit for so i can help you. *note that only the nh1 has a lcd screen on the unit. sebastian check this: http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-NH3D.html http://www.minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-NH1.html
  10. hello i own a mzhn900. there is an available case from sony for all himd 1st generation portables that i own. the model is mdcas4. if you're in england you should take a look at amazon. the case has an arm strap and it's very comfortable. you should know that in this case you could only carry your portable minidisc and not even 1 disc because it's very little. you can take off the arm band and use it attached to your belt. i can say that it is very very comfortable and i'm pretty satisfied with it. hope that helps you sebastian here is a picture: [attachmentid=208]
  11. hello Woodgnome congratulation for the topic. very informative. please i need your help . my mznh900 is having problems too. when i try to playback a rcording that i rec in a himd disc the songs have gaps of silence in the middle!. i did the test you describe too. same problem! so i think my unit is defective. i need you to tell me what to do for the exchange. i thought that if you send your unit for exchange sony would give you a refurbished unit. i think i'm wrong because i read in your last post that they will send you a new unit. please tell me everything i need to know to send my unit for the exchange (contacts, and all that stuff) thanks a lot sebastian
  12. 2.8mW !!! sony ... what are you doing???
  13. i tried with the optical input also. same problem. when the unit is playing back the disc it start to make a noise a little louder compared to the normal one. it sounds like the unit is having problems to read some data. but this never happens with the normal disc and neither with "all" 1gb discs, just some. what should i do? sebastian this happens to the same part of the disc . for example track 1 in second 10 has a gap of silence of 1 second.
  14. hello thanks for the answer. what did you do? is there anyway you can help me? please! sebastian
  15. hello i own a mznh900 and i'm having problems recording on some himd disc. when i playback the recorded songs there are some gaps of silence in the middle of some songs. this is not happening with the old md 80,74,60 discs, only with 1 gb discs. i read a couple of weeks ago a pair of topics about this problem , but i want to know if anybody is having the same problem, or maybe my unit is defective? tell me your experience. please help sebastian
  16. hello mr.soul: i own a mzhn900 and i think i'm going to buy a mzrh10 so i'm waiting for you to compare the two units in size and weight. thanks sebastian-
  17. i thought that in sonicstage 3 the sp mode is really sp not like older versions of sonicstage where you had an sp file but it was really a lp2 file. am i wrong?
  18. hello everyone i have a mznh900 and i'm recording some complete albums in 80 minutes minidisc. i want to ask you which format has the better quality : the old SP or HI-SP? ohh another question: is there anyway that i could edit my recordings that i downloaded from the computer with s.s 3 ? it doesn't matter if i have to edit them before i download to himd , but how? thanks sebastian
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