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  1. I'll do it, just don't be supprised if its late next week...
  2. Its "45 H" on a 1GB MD not 54 lol, you might want to change that And DRM was lifted from Hi-MD with SonicStage 3.4
  3. Woah, well done.. Do you have a blue wavy disc? I have a blue one I could supply you with a scan of it - or at a later date I could make one - if you don't have one, well I'll see what I can do with the label...
  4. Has this item gone again? The page is a broken link...
  5. Thats a great little sum-up of it there!
  6. Just one question... Run "wincfg" under the termal, and add the Hi-MD drive is listed as a wine emulated "*:" drive... * whatever letter I think its under the "drives" tab or something like that.. I would like to hear what if that solves it... - unless you already did that
  7. You use norton? I never have had that recomended, its normaly anti-norton, thats why I use AVG, I don't think I will be useing in the near future after reading this!
  8. I wasn't expecting that - thats really neat!
  9. danielbb90


    I should be getting a iAudio U2 for my birthday later this year - if all goes well lol I have got a cheep flash MP3 player and developed a taste for them... I can see why there so popular lol Hi-MD is a great format and I could never leave the format my NH1 is like the best audio player I have and have ever had, unless the U2 is really something amazing the NH1 will never fade into the background... I hope (Hi-)MD sticks in there, mainly for recording uses its a great format! Better now DRM was removed in SS(3.4)...
  10. Whats the orange (4) one? That looks alive (2 micro thingys)
  11. There really neat, but it would be nice if you labled them
  12. danielbb90


    Yeh, and with flash players they are even faster!
  13. How did you get it to run without IE? Or how did you install IE?
  14. http://www.audiocubes.com/product/Sony_MZ-...isc_Player.html Its all true!!!!
  15. Times change - Size Changes - Format changes yet the colours end up the same! Black base White text Some red text
  16. Remember that time you allowed Proxy IP's to view the forums? Since you allowed that we've been getting all this spam! I don't know if there is a link but I thought I should bring it up...
  17. I know this question is kinda late, but do you have to pay for that Vista when it comes out of beta? Sorry I know its a daft question, I just don't know the answer...
  18. I thought I would update this... Now I'm useing OGG q4 lol, Since I formated my harddrive and I have to re-rip all my CD's I thourght for storage I would use ogg, a format I actually am comefortable with...
  19. the fast and the furious - tokyo drift That was a great film!
  20. I never knew you could do that! Thanks for the info!
  21. Lost my music icon... tried to change the desktop.ini file, no suscsess... Did a system resorte.. Messed up all my drivers... Did a format earlyer today...
  22. Yeh, I haven't had a problem with it yet!
  23. I've lost the stand for the MZ-NH1, (Don't go there please - I think it fell into a long gone trash-bag!!!) What are my options?
  24. http://www.dubbelklikproducties.nl/afbeeldingen/Mdlogo.GIF http://www.dafont.com/warner-logo-font-ni.font I know that font  is the actual minidisc logo... I don't think you will be able to find that exact font but here are 2 similar http://www.dafont.com/unlearned.font http://www.dafont.com/neistil.font Edit another similar: http://www.dafont.com/disc.font The font is pritty simple, it shoulden't take too long to do the charactors in paint shop pro or paint..
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