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  1. lol I'll clear my desk 2morrow & see how my week goes... I might be able to get a pictorial of it (preferbaly with my NH1 - would be a neat comparison) online later this week (or more likely next week) So that usb cable is that a standad one or custem cable? (I like that HDD already - I really need one rofl)
  2. I woulden't say thats much to worry about.. mines way worse! I think its the focus - compair some objects in that photo in the distence (like the fence - where you can see the slight grain - to something closer like the table.. Does it have auto focus or is there a switch or setting somewhere? Auto focus - I think detects the center of the image
  3. Is there focus settings on it? I know on my camera you get realy grainy images with the wrong setting... (plus that 2nd links broken)
  4. Don't www.minidisco.com have those?
  5. danielbb90


    Yeh promoting and advertisement is the main flaw of it (And software)... I have NEVER seen an advertisement for Hi-MD on tv before and lots of them for the iPod! How did sony expect Hi-MD to go if they wern't going to tell people about it?
  6. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000E9X...cs&v=glance As soon as I get some space I'll happly do one of the U2 against the NH1 - just at the moment I can't find my desk!
  7. Is there anychance of anyone posting a zip of all the modified xml files? That would save alot of time!
  8. Is this where I admit my sin? I got a iAudio U2 last week... (Coulden't w8 till my birthday! rofl) I would like to do a pictorial of it vs the NH1 when I get the chance & space.. Edit: I was lookin at the 80GB version of that - hows that working out for you? Either that or that pcimca sound card I've been lookin at - probably need my pcicma slot for usb - so proably will get that lol
  9. So, I now know what didn't cause the problem... And I also know it wasn't just a 1 off, but when I had the problem I didn't have any previous installations of sonicstage.. I guess its just another of their bugs!
  10. I've been through 2ce with my NH1 no harm was done! And digi-cam - my dads been across with his about 8-9 times... no hard was done to his! Just the analog cameras (with film) you should worry about...
  11. I had this EXACT problem... I think it came about by seeing what happens when attempting to upload a NetMD file via my NH1 - did you do that? If you did attempt - I think we found the problem & we should tell sony about that bug! Not that they would do anything about it...
  12. I've seen them for the computer - just don't know if they would work on the phone (drivers ect) I know they do exist... (This is the only one I've seen) http://www.thesourcecc.com/estore/Product....product=2616365 End of offtopic - sorry
  13. WOAH, the minidiscs just keep getting sleeker! So just japan then?
  14. That screen is looking transparent! That joke probably took too long to set up, didn't it! Well done. I like the idea...
  15. danielbb90


    I was under the impression that the MC38EL didn't have a backlight? Can someone clarify?
  16. Finally Just what bit-rate MP3 file would it be in?
  17. I've had about 25 of these spam messages lately (the email address I signed up here with) no other ones... The only way they could have got my email address is via the hacking attempt... I keep my email under encoded email links or hidden in messageboards...
  18. I'm sorry thats what DRM's there to protect... Your best chance if you REALLY want to use the DRM WMA files on-the-go is to get a MP3 player that supports "Play for sure" subcriptions (look 4 this logo).
  19. Thats cool! Thanks for the pictorial... I still prefer the look of my NH1 lol Nice amount of discs there! ha - I feel for you - I still haven't got hardly any of my music on my NH1 since 3 of my 1GB blanks broke! :'( lol (darn grape pop!!!)
  20. Maby its data corruption on the disc, is it just the one disc? If its just the 1 try re-transfering the tracks to it... (or a different disc - it might be a fauly minidisc) If not you will probably have to send it in for a repair.
  21. Thats really intresting! I thourght is was spam before I cliked the topic and saw the poster! sorry!
  22. YAY! Thanks Ishiyoshi for makeing that! I'm very happy now!
  23. Thats intresting, I used to like ABBA, kind of gone of them abit now... Its good to hear that other people listen to them too!
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