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    MD player

    the lens cleaner is a pre recorded md and the md's you made are not they have different playback calibration settings.
  3. make sure you upgrade to at least version 3.4
  4. the record head will not come close enough to the disk just from pushing play. i believe the md cleaning disks are only for cleaning the laser. not the magnetic record head. the magnetic heads never get dirty. usually just the lasers so maybe just pushing play will be fine.
  5. there are a few dual md models. everyone wants to keep the one they have . they do not make them anymore.
  6. that thing is awesome i believe i saw one for sale in sears in the 90's. it was way too expensive. i still would like to have it. however i still dont have enough money
  7. i am very interested in the scms stripper. i really really need it please sell it to me! how much are you asking? please email me at "covertbill1@hotmail.com" thanks. i hope i will hear from you soon.
  8. the best lp2 i have heard so far is actually on my mz-n707 unit which is not a type-s unit. but i think it really depends on the unit.
  9. the encoder for lp3 on ss 3.4 and higher is much better sounding than the older versions. it still may not be as good as real time recording. do you want to sell your n510. i need one to replace my broken one.
  10. other people have complained about similar problems. i believe their units were faulty and they got new ones.
  11. did you slide the write protect tab over? are you using sonic stage version 3.4 or higher?
  12. my mds39 and je510 deck have digital out.
  13. it has been proven that lp2 type s is no where close in sound quality as sp is to the master. do not archive at lp2 you will have to do it all over again later.
  14. there may be one advantage of recording using the deck. the unit itself will be able to edit the recordings or any other hi md unit will be able to do the editing. which cannot be done if you use simple burner. also. i believe using the deck you can upload the recordings made to any computer. if you use simple burner you can only upload to the computer you downloaded from.. please correct me if any of these statements are wrong???
  15. no i'm sure the ones i have are the memorex ones you are talking about from the color collection. maybe i just have a bad batch or something.i do have some maxell 74 min gold md's but they have never given me a problem.
  16. i dont want to sound negative but anyone who buys those memorex 5 pack color disks will be very upset. i have several. they are the worst md's i ever had. the shutters fall off all the time on several of them sometimes even getting stuck inside the unit. what ever you do dont buy them! the grey ones pictured at the top are fine. i have several of those too. i like them.
  17. i have a great idea! we need someone to make the whole process automates of removing the slower drivers with the push of a button! then we could just push the button and the driver could be removed and the pc could reboot itself. then you could do your sp upload then not have to worry if you pugged in an old device for downloads only. this could be done anytime it was needed
  18. i wonder what version 4.4 offers??
  19. i like my mz-n510.. you will like it.
  20. almost right. type s does include type r but just to clarify. type r is used during sp recording only and is on the encoder side. you can get benifit from this played back on ant unit. type s is for lp2 and lp4 playback only. it is done on the decoder side and only affects the disk on the specific unit that has the type s label on it. if you put a lp2 or 4 disk in a non type s unit you get no benifit at all. the enhancments for type r sp recording are very good. type s is very good for lp4 recordings= less distortion.
  21. try turning the volume all the way up on the minidisk unit before recording. also there should be a volume setting for the input in audacity
  22. it sounds to me like youtr laser is going bad. it is harder to read and write as you approach the end of the disk the laser starts on the inside and works towards the outside. that may be why it failes about after 30 mins. try the external battery pack just to make sure thats not it.
  23. hi md cannot play the lossless atrac file but if you rip to atrac 352 it will be awesome and sound perfect just the same as a cd.. about your first question there are no versions of sonic stage that can transfer true sp quality recordings(old sp) its just 132k padded up to 292 for old sp only devices. you must use the hi-md modes to get close to the old 292k quality. 256k sounds just as good. 352 is just slightly better and in most cases just wasting space. none of the hi-md disks formatted in hi-md mode will play on your old equipment.
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