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I don't know if this has been mentioned yet or not, but recently I keep getting these error pages for no apparent reason. And although it doesn't happen all the time it is more frequent then wanted. Just thought I might point it out, I still like the new look, it's more clean.

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I 'm unable to Replay and see Emoticons when I'm using Firefox(Version .To replay ,Right now I'm using IE 7 to replay .

Stuge - have just switched to the same skin you are using in Firefox and don't seem to have any issues. Are you using "Fast Replay" or the usual "Post Replay"? :P

What's the error massage? lol

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Stuge, are you sure you didnt accidentally block the images using firefox's tools?

I think ..Now, I have to agree I really did that.I accidently blocked many sites .Thanks a Lot :)

@richyhu: Thanks for the replay :)

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