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What's your favorite band/artist/group, and why?

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Just to spur some activity in this forum, I figured I'd ask..

What's your favorite band, and why?

I'd have to say Radiohead for myself. No other group has touched my soul in which this band has suceeded in doing, time and time again. Their inital efforts are somewhat overlooked, but are just as brilliant as their music of today. It's a shame that most people just associate "Ok Computer" [which is fantastic, believe me] with them and that's it, which is a shame as the later albums are much more sophisticated - and redefine the term "esoteric". I am very keen on all the members of the band, and I love how they incorperate different instruments and devices to create a sound that has never been made before. Except for some of the songs on Hail to the Thief, most of the songs Radiohead have written took two or three years to master..and it's beyond evident. I'd keep ranting, but you get the picture.

I think the beauty of music is what you can associate yourself with, and Radiohead seems to be the band that is currently defining my transition from teenager to 20something. :sleep:

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My favorite band is the Sneaker Pimps. The Pimps have released three albums so far, and each album is very different than the others. Becoming X is trip-hop (which I don't like) with female vocals so disgustingly pretty that I can't even listen to the album. Luckily, after this album the band switched over the the amazing vocals of Chris Corner. The first album with Chris on vocals, Splinter, is a huge change from Becoming X. You wouldn't have a clue that the two albums were made by the same band if no one told you. The music on Splinter is mellow, atmospheric rock, or at least thats how I've come to label it. It's just brilliant. The band's third album, Bloodsport, is more upbeat and very diverse. Bloodsport, put simply, is the most amazing album I have heard by any artist to date. In addition to the Pimps' fourth album, which should be coming sometime this year, Chris Corner has his own solo album coming out in June under the name I AM X. If you'd like to listen to two of the songs off his album, you can do so on Recall Records' website.

I guess part of why I like the band so much is that each of their album sound very different than the others. I also think that Chris Corner has the most amazing voice I have ever heard. It's very unique and beautiful. And then there is the fact that the band is supposedly really cool. I've seen pictures of Chris, who cuts his own hair, cutting the hair of a fan backstage. The Pimps are just awesome.

Definitely give each of their albums a listen if you haven't done so already!

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Favorite artist at this point would be 浜崎あゆみ. Rather, her older material, not most of the new crap that Avex squeezes out of her.

Her songs - they're just....sad. You just get this feeling of deep sorrow from listening to the lyrics. Listen to 'still alone' or 'Memorial address', and....yeah. You get the idea. And, somehow, she can turn a song with a fairly fast and 'moving' beat into a sad song - 'Naturally'.

That, and....because I like the trance remixes of her songs.

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Geez...why not ask me "Of all the breaths you took today, which was your favorite?" I need them all! Off the top of my head (and warning, I like pop music):

Queen - lavish & brilliant, with a great sense of marketing & music production. Freddie died way too soon. The first band I ever obsessed about.

Jesus Jones - highly underrated. Rotten lyrics, but something very catchy about Edwards's music and programming. If you like electronica, dig up a $2 copy of "Perverse" in a sale bin sometime.

Splashdown - killed by Capitol Records before their masterful "Blueshift" album saw the light of day. Find a bootleg of "Blueshift"--you will not be sorry. Perfect female vocals, lots of east Indian influence.

Planet P Project - offered his last album as a free download on his site, and it is mind blowing; rock, hip-hop & a little new wave, all covering various forms of terrorism and propaganda from 1931 to the present.

Stromkern - the best industrial to come along since Trent Reznor ruined it.

Freezepop - a new wave-y band from Boston who do all their music on the Yamaha QY-70. The sweetest, stickiest, catchiest pop in existence.

Aimee Mann - acoustic, mid-tempo rock. Some of the best songwriting I've ever heard, period.

Gary Numan - you can't beat the original. If you think his career started and ended with "Cars", you haven't heard the dense, atmospheric & loop riddled "Exile" album.

Joe Satriani - the man can work miracles on his guitar, with no words to hold him down.

Okay, that's it for now--that's all just what comes immediately to mind. If I absolutely had to pick JUST ONE artist to take with me somewhere, I'd throw a tantrum until they allowed me to make an MD compilation. :cool:

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kurisu you're totaly right on radiohead, i also like them alot. But probably my favorite artist is John Frusciante. He play's the guitar for the red hot chili peppers and how!!!! He's absolutly amazing. And I even like his solo work more, it's so different then his RHCP work. It's far more emotional, 2 of his album where made while being a junky and he could just start crying in the end of a song. And that's on the album so you get the 'real' stuff. Not produced or anything else, just home recorded with his simple 4-track recorder (no MD). Although his voice is horrible the music touches you but it isn't made for commercial ears. He latest album is more commercial so you could try that out first and see if you like it.

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I grew into metal when I was 12/13. My first "hard" album compared to the old rock'n'roll I listened to as a kid was Offspring's "Smash." I then went in for Metallica's 'reloaded' which blew me away as far as power. And from there, it went to White Zombie and now I can listen to Cannibal Corpse, Cradle of Filth, Deicide, etc. But mainly right now I'm listening to a lot of industrial.

I like bands such as Front242, Front Line Assembly, Unit:187, Nitzer Ebb..and I luv Fear Factory and Static-X. I have also recently got into a band I highly recommend called Zeromancer. They're awesome. And of course, industrial metal staple's Rammstein are always good.

Beyond that, I listen to some stoner metal when I'm playful (Monster Magnet, highly recommend) and akin to a lot of kids my age now, I was into Marilyn Manson at his peak and still am in to him today. In my eyes, no artist (even though he can be very vulgar) today has the same depth he has shown with his three big albums, and I loved his new one to death.

Plus, emusic and download.mp3.com and garageband.com give me a lot of indie choices. I myself am on garageband.com now, too...though I wouldn't call my music particularly music.. wink.gif


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Alieninhead, give Stromkern a shot if you like industrial (there are a few samples on their website). Also, have you tried Meshuggah (abrasive, but really tight if you listen) and Clutch (just plain fun)? I'll have to track down some Zeromancer, I think...

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:wink: OK, I've read the posts on this subject and I guess I'm showing my age here, but I can't get enough of The Doors ( THE SOFT PARADE, L.A WOMAN) I'm also a big fan of KISS the early stuff, from the live album back.

I've also been getting into newer stuff like AUDIOSLAVE and VELVET REVOLVER, the album PROBOT is really good to.

In short anything that ROCKS !!!!! :grin:

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The only thing I can say is the early nineties rocked.

Jane's Addiction- Ritual De Lo Habitual

Soundgarden- Badmotorfinger

Nirvana- Nevermind

Nine Inch Nails- Pretty Hate Machine

Pearl Jam-TEN

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Blood Suger Sex Magic

Faith No More- Angle Dust

Metalica-Black Album


The Crow- Soundtrack

Temple of the Dog-Hungry?

Sonic Youth


Stone Temple Pilots-Plush

Blind Melon-No Rain

Primus-Suck on This


Rollins Band-?Lier

I owned all of these on cassete or CD at one time or another. I still have my original Pearl Jam Ten cd and listen to it all the time.Soungarden Badmotorfinger was my first cd purchase in 91-92.

All of the above are great for riding on powder days or doin a little singletrack Mtn. bike riding to.

By default the band I play the drums in is my favorite. The Unread.You can check us out at www.theunread.com for some older stuff. We have new songs that are way better.

Awsome Topic

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Woo... Kurisu, this is such a hard one!

Music is such a huge part of my life. I don't even own a television, but I listen to music constantly.

I would honestly have to say that my very favorite artist is Utada Hikaru. I love her genre-spanning style, how she can put together a slow, deep song and then throw it into a fast hip-hop style jam, and on the next track an electric-guitar-filled pop-rock song? Multitalented, definitely.

Not only does she have a great voice with a really good range, she also writes most of her own music. I have total respect for artists who write their own material, since writing is what I do best.

I also like Ayumi quite a bit. Her songs are very different and inspired sounding, and her voice is of a complete different flavor than Hikki's.

Ueto Aya is another Japanese female vocalist I've recently fallen in love with. Her voice is simply beautiful, and I eagerly await more albums to be released! Anyone who knows where I can get her debut album, please PM me!

For more local artists...

Opeth is a band that a friend introduced me to. While I haven't heard much of their music, what I have heard is wonderful. Acoustic guitar and clean lyrics interspersed with some really hard metal... it creates an awesome sound.

Of course, I can't leave out A Perfect Circle. While I've liked Maynard's work with Tool for years, I especially like his "side project" for the slow, haunting ballads with a few harder songs more reminiscent of his other band.

Poe... does anyone here remember Poe? I love her music. It's a shame there won't be any new Poe albums, because I love "Haunted" to death and listen to it on my MD frequently. "Control" is such a great song.

I could go on forever... ^.^ So I think I'll cut it short here.

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This is a hard one...so many bands have had different (yet significant) influences on me at different points in my life....these are only a few:

Rush. Without a doubt one of my enduring favourite bands. The first band that proved that reviewers on allmusic.com can truly be full of crap! This band has been such a background to me through my teenage years...when all the 80s metal faded away, Rush (and, ok, some of the old Iron Maiden I still listen to :rolleyes: ) was one of the few bands to remain. Thought-provoking lyrics, amazing musicianship, and a mature attitude that has assured their progression through the years.

Tool. Amazing musicianship, philosophical lyrics, and they stomp all over the "'aint humanity wonderful?" myth that has poisoned this planet for decades. Almost the Bill Hicks of darkcore (or metal or prog-metal or however you choose to label Tool...I have no idea myself :wacko: )

Fugazi. Punk philosophy, willingness to experiment with new ideas and a general, all-around intelligent kick-ass punk band.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor. dark, dreary, dog-eared hope in the post-rock world...an anti-capitalist faith set against aural atmospheres of loss, depression, and alienation.

A Silver Mt. Zion. Featuring members of GY!BE (I think)...along much the same lines but with often a more folksy, hymnal tone. Heartbreaking, sad, and utterly beautiful.

Dead Can Dance. World music with one of the most beautiful female voices on this planet...ok, the lyrics can be quite schmultzy at times, but the orchestration of such a varied spectrum of instruments is inspiring, soothing, and edifying...oh, and did I mention Lisa Gerard's voice? :o



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I have gotta say Linkin Park, In The End is so awesome, what makes it even better is that because back then when i bought my n510 i had nothing to listen to so i borrowed a song or two from my sister's computer and came across this song called In The End by Linkin Park..... Oh, what makes it special is because the n510 was my first portable walkman and the sound quality of it was just superb!

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Pink Floyd! Anyone else seen the new Pulse DVD? Video quality could use improvement but still amazing concert!!

I was there for the Edmonton version of the concert, absolutely incredible, just waiting for my DVD to arrive. What a great band and show


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Tool: I can't really add to Wayward's explanation... but I'll try anyway. I've seen 'em about ten times between '93 and now and each time they have increased in intensity and in their ability to let their instuments (including mics and vocal chords) express the dark and drudgy world they (uh don't) believe in... Majestic in its darkness and truly great!

The Mars Volta (& at the drive-in): often called prog-rock, but that truly doesn't cover all their aspects IMHO. If I was forced to classify this music, I'd have to create a new label called 'jazzified experime(n)tal'. The rithems, or the lack thereof, the pain/anger/fear in the voices... This isn't 'beautiful' music in a traditional sense as it simply scares and confuses one too much for that, it rather is sublime (in a Kantian way) as it gets to you and it will call up images in your head and send shivers down your spine, whether you like it or not. Live they ignore all conventions and often play a set without songs (well without songbreaks) as they are not afraid to reinvent the usic over and over again. Their predecessor 'at the drive-in' is a bit less layered, but still isn't exactly straightforward music either and really is a great aid to vent frustration...

Mogwai: Scottish postrock meisters. They have created a number of very different but all very great albums. I really can get lost in their beauriful compositions and I wouldn't want to miss this music for anything in the world anymore. Also a majestic live band.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor: again, I can simply follow Wayward's wordings. The epic soundscapes these Canadians create have been the destination of many mental expedition... If I was to name one album as the soundtrack to Belgium when traveling by train, 'Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven' would be it...

Mono: I haven't known this band for long, but I saw them live and that alone was enough to convert me for ever. Japanese postrock that covers the entire spectrum between etherically beautiful and pitch black darkness. I urge you to go and see them if you ever have the chance! If you did because I asked you and you didn't like the concert I'll reimburse your tickets (if you can find me :P ) ... no I actually won't, but I still am quite sure that it will be one of your best live performances you'll ever see. Besides their live status, they are very good on CD as well, but I've only had the CD's for a couple of days so I haven't yet been able to get to know them through and through..

65DaysOfStatic: again a postrock band that uses static as an instrument and combines it with a glockenspiel and electronica and hereby paints scarily beautiful and eery soundimages of post-trauma playgrounds etc. Live as well as on CD these Brits will be able to touch you on different levels, first through beauty then through unrest and drive, then ... well, you get it I guess, this is much layered and very good music!

Queens Of The Stone Age (& Kyuss): again a band that is difficult to classify... while the predecessor 'Kyuss' was stoner rock with (quite) a bit extra, QOTSA is a whole lot extra with slight hints of stoner. Again a band that sounds great on CD but is able to even raise above that live. I have seen them in the ultimate setup: Dave Grohl on drums Nick Olivery on bass and Mark Lanegan on well, sigarets and whiskey I believe... but I admire the fact that they have survived changes to this setup and still rock like no other band.

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i'll dip in both the English and Japanese realm of favourites:

EN: Bic Runga

although discovering her music from the movie "American Pie" (V_V), i was instantly hooked on her single "Sway". her vocals are in a sense ragged, yet so sincere with great songwriting to boot. when you hear her vocals, you can easily sense either sorrow or joy depending on the song. it seems she just gets better as a new album is released. her 3rd album, Birds, is nothing short of brilliant.

JP: aiko

she is the reason why i listen to music. this is the kind of music that will make you feel real happy inside all day. her vocals are the sweetest i've ever heard. even if i'm in the worst mood possible; listening to her music will wipe all that away. and you can tell from the songs she writes, it sounds so authentic, very heartfelt. her best work is from her 4th album, "秋 そばにいるよ" and "暁のラブレター", her 5th.

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Wow, talk about old thread! 2 years gap! (2004-2006). :D

My 2 fav artists:

Dave Rodgers (real name is Giancarlo Pasquini). He's the godfather of Eurobeat. I like his music, even though I didn't know about him until years later. It was 1995, I saw a music video of V6's Music for The People, a J-Euro cover of one of Dave Rodgers' songs. At that time, I don't even know what genre it is, but I know I like it. The music is fast and energetic, really fresh in my mind after being bored to death by Chinese/Canto-pop ballads. V6 was doing many covers of Dave's songs, eg. Made in Japan, Take Me Higher, Golden 70's Years, Be Yourself (cover for Kingdom of Rock). Years later, I finally found out about him and the Eurobeat genre. His music continues to be my favorite (Space Boy, 100, The Race is Over, Deja Vu, Space Invader, Eldorado).

奥井 雅美 (Masami Okui). She's a Japanese rock/pop artist, writes and sings many anime songs. My first exposure was with the anime Slayers. She and Megumi Hayashibara sing most of the anime theme songs. I kinda like her voice, but I found the music used in Slayers to be somewhat repetitive, and didn't pay much attention. Not until I listen to Shuffle, used as one of the opening theme songs for YuGiOh:Duel Monsters. That is an excellent track. After, that, I'm a fan, following up on her excellent album after album (Devotion, Crossroad, Rebirth, Dragonfly, God Speed), and not to forget her team up group with Chihiro Yonekura, forming r.o.r/s (Reflections of Renaissance/Sounds) with their fantastic album, Dazzle. I found Makkun's music (at least after the Slayers era) to be original and energetic. She also joined up with JAM Project, a well known band in anime world. She even formed her own label (Dragonfly is the first album under her own label). http://www.makusonia.com/

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David Bowie.

When I first really learned "Oh, he does THAT song? and THAT one?" I was still young and not a huge fan. I finally bought my first Bowie cd, Low, in late 2001 (around my 19th birthday). I was blown away. Here was one side of amazing songs that used sounds I didn't know existed in the '70s. Then the second side was just dark, beautiful music that really got into me.

I saw him at the Area 2 festival in Chicago in 2002 and sadly didn't appreciate it as much as I should've. Diamond Dogs was my second album, and I was equally impressed. My new girlfriend then was a rabid Bowie fan, and that gave me much more exposure. Then after seeing him in Moline on 'A Reality Tour,' I kind of almost exclusively listened to his music for about a year or so. I own all his albums at this point, all the 2-disc versions with the remixes and so on. Every album has its finer points, and I love all of them for different reasons. Whatever mood I'm in, whatever I feel or want to hear, there's something in his catalogue that's perfect.

My favorite albums of his, in no particular order, are:

Station to Station

The Buddha of Suburbia


and the Slow Burn EP

Other favorite bands/artists are Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Harvey Danger, Smashing Pumpkins, Iggy Pop/The Stooges, The Cars, Primus, Elton John.... I could go on and on. And minidisc is my favorite means of hearing them! :D

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I'v been listening to a lot of different music lately. I recently started listening to UFO after I discovered them through Iron Maiden lol

I got the "Best of the B Sides" album by Maiden, and it had "Doctor Doctor" on it (cover of UFO) and I decided I'd look more into UFO. I was very surprised at the type of music they were when they first started. Early metal, and I liked it. So I got a few of their albums and love em all.

Besides UFO, I listen to a lot of music, like Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, The Cars (have 2 Vinyl albums :lol: ), Megadeth and Metallica (Not so much anymore, kinda drifting away from the heavy stuff now). I have over 1500 songs by about 90 different artists, so I have a decent sized collection. Though, not as massive as some peoples.

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Here's mine:

Jazz:Wes Montgomery & Miles Davies. Different Instruments, Leaders in both!

Hip Hop: Public Enemy: Ahead of their time, and still sounds fresh today.

Pop: Michael Jackson: Really only for 'off the wall', and especially for 'Don't stop 'till you get enough'

Gospel: Stephen da Levite:To Die is gain.

Rock: Anything by Coldplay!

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Wow this would have been really easy about a month ago, but I really stepped up my music listening (I have always listened to music practically constantly, but I listened to a limited number of bands. Many many genres, but not so many bands) Right now I am really digging a band called The Hint, also Leeland, which is a Christian group similar to Coldplay, really good stuff. I really like Matchbook Romance, Anberlin, and Halifax.

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