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  1. Which external DAC/Amp for my NH700?

    Yes that would work as a headphone amp with your NH700 as it has a line input. Should be able to drive some decent headphones too, with a respectable 140mW x 2 output. On your NH700 you'll probably want to turn off the EQ settings and put the volume to around max to send a 'flat' near line-level signal to the amp.
  2. Which external DAC/Amp for my NH700?

    The output from the headphone jack is analog(ue) so a DAC (Digital to Analogue converter) wouldn't convert the signal, even if it accepted an analogue (line level) input, which most don't I think. It would be best in this case to use a headphone amplifier which would connect with a simple stereo line lead: 3.5mm to 3.5 / 5mm depending on the headphone amp input.
  3. MiniDisc Addiction. Do you have one?

    Well, just to chime in. I've got three MD decks in semi-regular use (JE480, MXD-D40, Onkyo MD-105 Hi-MD deck), NH900 gets an occasional spin (though my little Sansa Clip zip is my portable of choice). Have several Sony portable MD recorders and decks "in storage". My MZ-B10 is in daily use at home. All my new music still gets added to the MD collection: ~250 LP2 discs/~40 Hi-MD discs. So yes, I guess I'm still an MD addict.
  4. Yes please, I'd like a copy of the manual very much. I have the MD105FX. Thanks.
  5. Whats A Good Music Composing Program?

    If you're talking about standard notation on music staves, with lyric lines, chords and the rest of it, then Musescore is fully featured, produces great looking sheet music, is quite easy to use and is absolutely free. The Musescore forum is also really good for help and advice. They've just released a new stable version, Muescore 2.1 which is well worth trying out. You can download it from https://musescore.org/ Personally I use Sibelius 7.5, mostly from years of habit getting used to it. But it's a big bucks program, and the support isn't that great. If I were you I'd go with Musescore.
  6. SonicStage 1.5

    Hi. Go to Downloads section (Tab near top of page.) Download and install Sonicstage Ultimate 4.3 Edition Download and install NetMD 64 Bit Drivers for Windows 7 and Vista Then you should be good to go...
  7. Thanks for this info and procedure, mdenter. My W10 laptop suddenly stopped recognising my NH900 and NHF800 after several months of being fine (actually since 'upgrading' from w7 to W10 before the July deadline. Not sure when this happened. But anyway I followed your steps and all seems to be back to 'normal' - for now at least...
  8. HI Md discs

    I still use 1GB Hi-MD discs, got about 50 of them which hold my entire music collection at 192k. They're mostly the original dark blue/red ones. Bought them back when they cost a more 'reasonable' £5 or so. I'm not planning to get any more, and certainly wouldn't pay the silly prices being asked for now,
  9. Anyone Up For A Sharp MD Discussion? :-)

    My one remaining Sharp is the fairly unexciting MD-MT270. Has both bass and treble controls, and the typical 2 x 10mW output, which on paper at least is stronger than Sony's, even without the EU volume cap. Overall I still just about prefer the Sony sound which to me sounds crisper than my Sharp, albeit less punchy. Sadly nowadays it's main use is for duplicating disk titles with the Name Stamp feature, though occasionally I take it out for the day's listening.
  10. David Cameron memoires recorded on MiniDisc.

    MD recordings certainly would be directly editable, up to a point. May be some one 'forgot' to tell.him. CD-R may have been a better choice?
  11. David Cameron memoires recorded on MiniDisc.

    Well, at last - Dave managed to get one thing right...
  12. Your best/cheapest option would be to look for some sort of line in/USB device. Plenty on Amazon/eBay etc if you take a look. Can't vouch for the quality of any of these however,
  13. Why only 74 min in SP mode?

    The bit rate of audio tracks on the old minidisc system is fixed at 292kbit/s, regardless of the original source. There's not much point in thinking in terms of file sizes or original bit rates, A 74 min MD holds 74 mins of audio, end of story (ok, double that for mono). That's roughly 17 or 18 four minute songs. A standard 74min MD has about 140MB of data, about one fifth of a CD-R, which why your CD holds about 5 times the number of songs as your MD at a similar bitrate. You should be able to format the oldest audio MDs to Hi-MD format, why not try and see. You should also be aware that transferring in SP compatibility mode in Sonicstage degrades the quality to LP2 at best. If quality is an issue you're better off doing It the old fashioned way - real time, using a digital audio cable if possible.
  14. User Manual F/ Denon DMD-1000

    What about this version, also at the Minidisc.org Index of manuals http://minidisc.org/manuals/ http://minidisc.org/manuals/denon_dmd1000_manual.pdf Defintely zoomable in my browser, and you can save your very own single document pdf
  15. record you tube over USB connection

    Assuming you're using Sonicstage, you could use an online converter like YouTubeMP3 http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ to create MP3 files on your computer from the YouTube URLs. Then import the MP3s into Sonicstage and transfer to an MD. Sound quality might be rather disappointing at low bitrates.
  16. ?SONY M10 playback suddenly much slower than normal

    Well, at the risk of stating the obvious, have you inadvertently activated the DPC (Digital Pitch control) switch? It's located on the back (top right) of the unit. In which case slide it back to the Off position and you should be back to normal. Or you could change the playback speed e.g. to +/- 0% from the menu - DPC (Speed Control). It's all explained on p. 54 of the manual (available on line)..
  17. Buying new minidisc player

    Hi MB, yes I'm in Barnet in North London, so the other end to you really. The NH700 uses one AA battery (only), so no gumsticks or fancy Li-Ions to hunt for, just pop down the local pound shop for a pack of 6 alkalines and you're sorted for long time. Or you can use rechargeable NiMH's and recharge them in the device itself. On the other hand it loses some of the slimness of the other models, which you may not like. I've also toyed with the idea of coming out of MD altogether, but never managed it, though I've got a Sansa Clip zip (also now discontinued) and a few other devices that play MP3 and suchlike. I've also got a substantial MD collection: over 200 MDs mostly LP2, and 50 Hi-MDs, so plenty to feed the little beasts, and besides I like having a choice of media to choose from, CDs, vinyl, even the occasional cassette tape from way back when. Depend on your own needs of course, and doesn't hurt to try different formats.
  18. Buying new minidisc player

    Sorry about your loss. How about a Sony MZ-NH700,as a general, all purpose no-nonsense player/recorder? Definitely recommend it as a daily workhorse unit. My original one's still going strong since they came out over 10 years ago and may well outlast me at this rate. Has a very decent sound with some EQ tweaking and good earphones. Slightly chubby round the back with the AA battery bump, but no big deal for me. Obviously you'll be lucky to get a new one these days, but they do pop up on eBay etc. for quite reasonable prices.
  19. What is the status of Sonic Stage (4-2015)?

    I've got Sonicstage Ultimate version 4.3 running happily on 3 Windows 7 machines (two 64 bit laptops and one 32 bit netbook). Touch wood and all, but I've never had any problems, including backups/authentication, most recently last weekend, with over 90GB/5000 tracks, and haven't had to resort to Phillppe's trick to get it work either. Installed the NetMD drivers and works fine with (Sony) NetMD as well as Hi-MD portables. Does a reasonable job as my main PC music player too.
  20. mz-nh700

    The 1Gig Hi-MD discs may be worth it if you've got anything but a small collection you want to put on. I've filled up 40 so far at LP2 quality, and wouldn't go any lower than 105kbps for music. Then again I'm not sure how much the 1G discs go for these days, it's not worth paying silly money for them. Don't forget you'll get 300MB on an 80 minute standard disc, which is effectively double what you get with non Hi-MD.
  21. mz-nh700

    Something like "eh bien, pourquoi pas"...
  22. mz-nh700

    Yes the NH700's a great, reliable workhorse unit (mine's still going strong after 11 years, no problems). The jog dial's much better (less stiff) on the NH700 than the NH600 mentioned above and overall has more of a quality feel than the NH600. Very decent sounding when used with good earphones (I use Sennheisser CX300) and a bit of EQ tweaking. I added an FM/AM radio remote (RM-MC37LT) which effectively turns it into an NHF800. These remotes occasionally pop up on eBay etc, in fact there's one listed tonight. Haven't used it for recording but I believe you can upload your analogue Hi-MD recordings to PC via Sonicstage, Anyway hope you enjoy yours. Let us know if you have any other questions.
  23. New here, but not to Minidisc.

    Shouldn't that be 'nutshell'? Then again maybe you're right - we MD fans are nutters!
  24. Sony RH1, the selling price increases

    Lots of extras, and with 8 days to go it'd be surprisng if it stayed around the £200 mark for long!