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  1. Hi, I'm too quite fond of the Sharp machines. Maybe because my first MD unit was the MS-702 (turquoise-ish), in 1999 (and it still works great despite the death of the remote). I loved the sound and I find the controls comfortable. Because of this it's still my favorite for titling. I also have a SR-50, all blue, sounds good too, but hungry on the 1-AA battery and the buttons are small and a bit hard. On the "1-bit" side, I have a DR-420 which is my main everyday portable now. Good sound with the 4-pole earphones. And finally, I managed to get a DR-77 (the latest made, I think). It was all beat-up (it looks like an almost-dead horse that still can win the race). The battery door is broken (but not the metallic part, so you can put a battery in it if you use electric tape but it's not very reliable so I mostly use it at home(but I'd be happy to find an AA adapter). Great recorder and this is the one that sound the best to me. Also, there's a REC button on the remote A nice day to everyone
  2. About gumstick battery I could still get one 2 monthes ago for a Sharp 702
  3. "Sailor Moon Live Action" (episode 2), Usagi lends a (pink) MD to her new friend Ami.
  4. Merci à toi PhilippeC, c'est vrai que je ne pensais pas à la réparation, c'est tellement miniaturisé ces petites bestioles Je vais faire ça.
  5. I agree, the RH1 is too great to be used only as an uploader Mine starts to wear off (buttons on the unit became very unprecise, almost impossible to navigate properly, and the right side of the screen is now quite dim) so I decided not to sell it finally, and to use it on the move, and it's probably my best sounding mobile music device. [troll]Even mp3 sounds good with it[/troll]
  6. It was on my previous computer, and when I think of it I may have forgotten to install the netMD driver, so it may be because of that ? Edit : Ok, I tried again yesterday and it worked. The only configuration difference is that now I have the NetMD driver and I didn't before. So YES it works
  7. 1. How old were you when you first 'bought into' the format? First MD dream : 22 ; First purchase : 27 2. Do you still regularly use your very first player? Yes 3. Do you regularly 'use' your items, or are some purely of interest as a 'collector'? I use them, yes 4. Do you listen to 'new' music on your discs, or prefer to keep the format for music 'of the era'? New & old 5. Do you own more items than you can 'practically use'? Yes 6. Did you 'go away' from MiniDisc', only to return to it at a later date? Yes. Went to mp3, then iPods, then smartphones, then... MD & cassettes 7. Do you associate use of your player with 'fond memories', or is it a purely 'practical' consideration? Both
  8. I'll try again this evening Maybe I missed something.
  9. Hi, I tried once, and Sonic Stage doesn't allow the transfer to PC from a pre-recorded MD, even with a RH1/MZ200. I guess you'll have to do it analog.
  10. Oh thank you I'm ordering one at once !!!
  11. Hi, do you know some references of 4 poles headphones ? I have a DR-77 but without headphones, so I use my 3 poles. The only 4 poles I can find are for iPhones, so I guess they're no good
  12. Got one for 349€ (with broken battery door, I managed to fix it with a paperclip) at FNAC in Paris, before it was discontinued. The day after Sony announced discontinuation they were selling at 399€.
  13. Just received a NHF800 HiMD recorder with 10 MD74 recorded in HiMD mode (with quite good music on it), and an early looking HiMD 1GB disc (black with the red liners). Sounds sweet, and looks more sturdy than my RH1, so now I can carry HiMD without fear and keep the RH1 home as an up/downloader The only thing is that the display of the remote is dead, but all the buttons work, so I guess I can use it as a blind remote. But never mind, I got it cheaper than the 700 I missed a few days ago
  14. I would like it to be more an evolution than a revolution. It should at least keep the best of the MD platform (sound quality, disc format, long battery life, field recording ability, editing functions, standalone sound system (ie you basicaly don't need a computer)), so not a wifi-tablet-HomeCinema-MD So, here are my specs request (Sony, Sharp, Panasonic... please read this ) : Decks Hi-MD support, of course For the rest I don't really know, I don't use them a lot (and plan to sell my Sony 520) Portable devices Backward compatibility with SP/LP/HiMD Hi quality electronics (not like on today's players) Keeping long battery life (so no hungry touch color screen or wireless networking) Keeping standalone editing functions Easily replacable batteries (ok for AA/AAA size, so you can use the unit ages after the gumstick batteries ceases to exist on the face of the earth) 4 or 8 GB discs FLAC support (at least playback) PCM recording up to 24bits/96KHz keeping line-in optical-in mic-in ; line-out slots optical-out on-demand screen backlight (like on most remote controllers) can stand falling on the floor without breaking 2nd phone slot (like on Sony R-70) (and speaking of R-70) quite silent motor motor/manipulations noises removing algorithm while recording (can be set on/off) Remote controller sturdier "anti-knot" coated cable (like on some headphones like the Porta-pro by Koss) Software Multi-platform (same UI & features on Windows, Linux, Mac) Easier import/export/conversion No transfer limit for audio recorded by the unit [troll]No root-kit inside[/troll] Accessories Converter to use the new MD unit with amps made to be used with iPods Better stereo portable mics Can use bluetooth or USB keyboards for names editing (if you don't have access to your computer (on holidays) of if some policies prevents you to install the MD software (at workplace)). Converter maybe included in a cradle, for instance (so you won't have a bluetooth signal sucking your batteries)
  15. I recently purshased on eBay from "buyfromjapan", and probably will do again. They have Neige, Prism Gold, and Bianca, all in 74 or 80. It costed me less than 2.20 Euros per disc, including transport.
  16. A JVC XM-PX3 player, in "Yamakasi", in the beginning of the first "parkour" of the movie :
  17. Are they quick to start up ? I had an Olympus LS-10 and a Zoom H4n, but they are so long to start up (40s for the H4n just to show the main screen) that I came back to MD for recording on the go, because they're so quick to start recording.
  18. Hi, and thanks for answering I live in the close neibourhood of Paris, France. I'll try to at least get into the test mode again, but if special tools or disk are needed to reset the thing, then I think I'll have to face the consequences of beeing too carefree while fooling around with dangerous games and accept the fact that it's dead
  19. Hi, My Sharp MT-877 got stuck after fooling around with the test mode (yeah, I souldn't have but it didn't arrived to me in a good condition anyway, so I didn't risk much). Now it just shows an error "Md-Er80". Is there a way to re-initialize it to factory settings ? Thanks
  20. Hi, and happy 2012 to you all While thinking about the "MD vs iPod" debate, I thought it would be interesting to list features of different kinds of device MD units can compare to, so not only iPods, but also multimedia phones, other audio players, and, more specifically, audio recorders. So I started a little table I'm sharing on Google Documents : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AslFQ_S1ZSmVdDJhc2hsX3pCLW81THhDS2o2N21yUkE It's still rough and maybe inacurate, and incomplete. I only list for now the devices I own or used to own (Zoom H4n, Olympus LS-10, Sharp MS-702, Sony R70, R500, RH1, iPod Nano 4G, and Blackberry Bold 9000). While I don't think it would be so useful to list every devices on earth, maybe it could be more generic, I don't know. Anyway enjoy and feel free to comment
  21. I now use MD for : - Recording my vocals classes, and other stuff that my Zoom H4n wouldn't record because of its size and its 40 seconds startup time(*). (For now I use my Sharp 702 because it makes much less motor noise than any Sony I own and has a 2 or 3 seconds startup time in rec mode) - Vocal notes and ideas - Radio & lectures recording - "mixtapes" - analogue tape backup - MP3 playback (on RH1) - Other uses listed soon . For now : ----- (*) That's why I sometimes hate these things. OK you can record up to 24/96 PCM and quickly share it on the computer. But... Very very long startup time, and poor onboard editing possibilities (you can't even rename files). I took the H4n because of its 4-tracks mode and the fact that you can record in the same time from built-in mikes + the two input jacks, which is cool when you sing while playing an instrument
  22. I actually did it last week-end in a shop that lets you try headphones. With a 3rd 4th gen iPod Nano playing a 320Kbps mp3 I could hardly tell the difference between 50€ headphones to over 200€ ones... The day after, I came back with my old trusty Sharp MD-702 playing SP... Well... Headphones sounded really different than the day before, different one than another. The (too pricey for me) Sony MDR-Z1000 sounded like heaven with my Sharp... And sounded crappy with the iPod (yes ! an iPod Nano 3G 4G can make 500€ headphones sound like sh.....t !) This said, my test was involving a 3g 4g Nano, which is my latest Apple audio gear. I don't know how good/bad they sound today. The bad sound may be due to poor circuits quality (codec aside) ? Anyway it's funny to make these kinds of tests because first you rediscover the quality of a sound you didn't remember it was so good, and then you're amaze to wonder how could you be so satisfied with poor sound for several years, finding it okay... In the end, my iPod now... just plays podcasts... And for mobility mp3 I've got my RH-1 where they sound better anyway. Now I need to do sound tests to choose which ATRAC version (Sharp vs Sony) I will use to encode the rest but this is another topic
  23. About the high bitrate files, they are from 24 bits FLAC files I converted to WAV so they could be recognised by SS. Some online legal music download offers now up to 24 bits (FLAC or Apple Lossless) quality (mainly for classical or jazz ; pop music often stays mp3). It may be a little overkill because I don't really have Audiophile-standards devices, but some years ago I encoded CDs to 128Kbps mp3, and I don't have the CDs anymore, and now I regret having use a poor quality format. So now I prefer having the best encoding available (hard drives are so big nowadays), as masters, and re-encode them according to the need and the media.
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