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HiMD Destination Codes


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Here goes the sequence after the flashing service mode screen:

(Key    | Display)

VOL+ | 0 Manual

FWD   | 100 MT

FWD   | 110 NV

FWD   | 111 xxxSCC (xxx values counting up...)

FWD   | 112 NoClock

FWD   | 113 xxxS25 (xxx values counting up...)

now to change the value after S just use VOL+ to increase  and VOL- to decrease  (in my case it was set as A0, so i just pressed VOL- till i read 25)

PAUSE to save

then press stop till you get to the first menu, with the flashing screen..

To quit the service mode remove all the power sources from the unit. Remove battery and / or AC adaptor plug.

After that the unit should start normally smile.gif

hope this helps smile.gif

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hope this helps smile.gif

cheers! I'd read that, but was pressing record to bring up '000000' which was confusing me somewhat, I've got it now though. No massive difference from a euro NH900 to a US or Korean NH900 for me though. Do they have the same hardware?

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I've hacked both my NH600 and NH900 - Euro models. It certainly seems to work - I fed the headphone out on volume 25/Sound=Normal to my MD deck. For the same track, the 'Peak' recording level was lower for the hacked NH600/900, indicating the hacked level was higher.

Hopefully that's a fair test - anyway, I'm happy with my 'uncapped' Hi-MD's, so thanks to all concerned...

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Volume hack for MZ-NH1


I know Asia is not happy with NH1 volume, you could try this and you'll get more power from steps 25-30.

Just to clarify the nature of the HiMD volume capping...

Hacking the volume on HiMD models does not increase the volume across the volume range. All players have stepped volume settings 0 to 30 but with capped players the volume will not increase by stepping up the volume beyond a certain point (24 on the NH1, maybe different for other models) - so volume 24 is the same as volume 30 for example. Therefore volume setting 20 will not be any louder on a hacked unit than on an unhacked one, but volume setting 28 will. Non-European units are not capped in this way and so cannot be uncapped - the limiting factor here is the hardware (ie. the amplifier) which cannot be altered.

Assuming all the volume steps are equal, hacking the Euro NH1 increases it's maximum volume by 25%, quite a considerable amount.

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Hi, i have a MZ-NH700 bought in CHILE, when i do the hack the value was setup in 20, and the table indicates that was my value, so i´ve triying the others values... So, here is the question, which is my value?.....

Thanks a lot wacko.gif

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To anyone claiming, that the hack doesn't work: Use the EQ.

I had no volume increase after applying the hack.

Then I selected one of the custom settings in the EQ and pushed all bands to the maximum.

Normally the european NH700 caps at Volume 19/30 with heavy pumping, when the volume is increased further, keeping the Volume at the same level, that you get at 27/30 without EQ.

With the hack at value 113:xxx00, the pumping is gone, the volume increases linear up to 30/30, giving an equivalent of 50/30 without EQ.

So, apply the hack, set it to 00, then use the EQ to add Gain.

Btw, this: http://dexotaku.ath.cx/linked/md.org/2005-02-11/30-EQ-wn.png

was the giveaway... smile.gif

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Well, I finay had a chance to try it myself... And I'm quite happy now!!! biggrin.gif

I also have gotten hold o a NH700/NHF800 service manual.

Is there a place on this forum where I can upload the file?

It's a PDF file of about 2.5 MB


i´m already giving up hope, will it be there anytime soon ?

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hi, i am new to hacking md's. im am very interested in making the volume of my mz nh1[euro] go louder.

i have looked at the pages on this forum for a while, but still dont understand what i need to do.

can someone provide a simple step by step giude for me to make the changes to the service menu.

thanks a lot, feel free to email me a reply at ronil@lycos.co.uk

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Hi there. For those of us with European Net MD (esp. mzn710) have you any idea if we can override the limited volume o/p in a similar way.



Today I had a chance to peek at some himd service manuals.

It seems the destination is controlled by code 113 in the service menu of the players.

I haven't had a chance to test them yet cause my unit is being repaired. Maybe we can bypass the euro volume cap this way.

EDIT by kurisu: Click here for info on how to enter service mode.

Enter these values at code 113 and press pause to save.


US                                        21

Canadian/Australian              41

Europe/UK                            A1

Hong kong/Taiwan                  25 


US/Australian                        01

Europe/UK                            81

Hong Kong/Taiwan                  05


Europe/UK                              A0

E (??)                                    25       


US                                          -  (Not a US model??)

Canadian/Australian                  20

Europe/UK                                A0

Hong Kong/Korean                    25

E91/Mexican                            20


US                                            50

Canadian/Australian                  30

Europe/UK                                B0

Hong Kong/Korean                    34

E91/Mexican                              -

Hope these are helpfull.......    Let me know

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I have an MZ-NHF800, and was wondering if I hacked it to US region, would my radio remote tune in to the TV and weather band stations now? I ask this because the Canadian 800 only receives AM/FM, but the US version gets AM/FM/TV/Weather.

I'll probably just try it on my own, but I thought I might as well throw this out there.

Edit -- Nevermind... I tried it, and no such luck. I can still only get AM and FM.

Edited by DJ Maedrik
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@ DJ Maedrik

i think the tuner is built into the remote and has nothing to do with the MiniDisc unit. It's an independant electronic device and so you can't change no settings through the MiniDisc service menu.

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Thanks everyone -- I've just "Hacked" my NH1 -- changed from UK (81) to 05 (Hong Kong / Taiwan -- volume nice now (from 25 and up) - especially on a nice set of Sennheiser Cans.

Cheers for the hack


Edited by 1kyle
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Hi, I've just tried to hack my MZ-NH600 (I believe it's an european model because It was bought in spain and had the Owner's Manual in 3 languages, plus, it has Line In and DC Plug), but the value was already set to A0, so I thought I should move to 25, but I couldn't, the other values were A1...A9...B1...C1... and so on... I believe it has still the European lower volume since my R500 at 30/30 is louder than my NH600 at 30/30 (Same earphones, same song, even same battery)...

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Maybe the European models now are manufactured differently? Maybe the capping by a special Euro destination code isn't used anymore, seems strange though that they should make changes in the 1st generation units?

My unhacked Euro NH600 doesn't have an especially high volume when set at volume 30, but the volume increases all the way up to 30, the increase doesn't stop at 25 as it's "supposed to". Maybe they have removed that capping and lowered the voltage even more (due to the hacking?) so that an Euro player now has the same volume at 30 as it had on 25 before, to comply with French laws?

Seems really far-fetched? wink.gif

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hi! i'm new here. i think i've read all the posts. i'm not too brave to mess with my nh700. btw i think it was about the second himd unit sold ever in hungary. :)

so, did anybody play with the setting 3/131 (WrtAGC)? does it work only for the testmodes?

does 0/113 effect the max volume only with EQ on?

of course, i also have the two basic goals: set rec agc off by default, and raise maximal playback volume.

keep up the good work! B)

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I'm happy with the volume of my 600D I got from minidisco. Will hacking it improve my volume even more?

Im not happy with mine Eddie, I sent it back to the shop where it came from , mine is the euro version, I even had to put my sony stereo hi fi up to full volume to have a louder sound, then that was spoilt by the hummmmm .

First of all, HI.

I,ve been reading this post several times, i,ve been searching in this web too many times, but i can,t find the way to enter Servive Mode (maybe it,s me, maybe it,s my not-understanding-at-all english, or maybe i don,t know...), to try the value 113 change.

I,ve got a HiMd 600. Many thanks.------------------------------------------

I havent tried the hack yet Pedro, because I sent the 600 back to the shop, the sound 30' was not loud enough for me, I like you couldnt even find the 'servive mode' , I was fed up and I've asked the shop to make it louder.

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:D i've tried it on my nh700. I have a euro capped version.

I set it to Hong Kong / Korean (25)

I have a nh900 which was euro capped too.

I first set it also to the Hongkong Setting (25) but got problems in sonic stage with titling. I officially had an Hongkong MD unit with a european disc inserted (because the disc label and the track titles were set before the mod) and a US-Sonicstage. Then I set it to the US Settings (21 for nh900) without these Problems. I recommend the US settings because it seems to use the same character set as the european setting. The Hongkong setting seems to enable Kanji input which causes the non-Japanese Sonic Stage to "protect" the titles.

But due to annoying Menu and Stop Button Problems i may have to "re-europize" the unit for the Support...

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