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The Official Happy Birthday Thread..

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Ahahah thanks heaps guys!!!

Was a great night... went to the local with some goo mates and chicks, and had some nice coldies :P I won some prizes as well :D soi it was a good nite!

The next day was recovery day, but I went out that nite (last night), cept got kicked outta 1 pub cos our shoes were to informal, so went to another, waitied 30 mins in the line, and then left coz we woulda had to wait another 1 hr, then went somewhere else at 11.30pm.. and that place was just about to close so called it a night :(

So a pretty boring Thursday night :(

Today, I went out and bought 3 new pairs of shoes! for different occasions, and made sure I bought some non lace up shoes for clubs! :P

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i was imagining you buying all three pairs of shoes & labeling them according to where to wear them. maybe i was projecting. some guy asked my g/fs friend why she [my g/f] hangs out with a nerd like me. it made my night!

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