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Akiba gadgets

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I still have link to the Victor units on this site that was:


As you can see the link is dead. There was a user called 'jonathan10000' or something similar (Slugbahr will correct me) who was a regular on AudioTstation and this was his site. The site went dead about a year or so ago. He did reactive it for a time but it is now dead. I did however download all the pics in that time.

He had quite a collection. This was the site where I discovered the beautiful Victor XM31 and others beside. However this site (with many others) is now just a memory for those who used to frequent it and as with AudioTstation itself will soon be forgotten as a site that was :(

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I have a copy of all the images Philippe. I use them as wallpapers on my PS Vita. If you want them, let me know the best way to get them to you. Do you use Drop Box? Alternatively I can post them here if more people want to view them, although I'm not sure what the situation with copyright would be.

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Thanks all of you. Jimma, the simpliest thing would be as you say to post them in the same topic or a new one (with the good name, akiba, not akira) if somebody find out about the way to get authorised to publish them here.

Right now I send you a PM with my e-mail.

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I got everything with Jimma after creating a Dropbox account, so anybody can ask me to do the same.


Stephen - God bless our venerate sfbp :friends: - do you think that we can put all these pictures in a new topic base on the akiba-gadgets.com collection template ?


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My suggestion would be to create a Picasa site. However the common thread here is Bland10000 and getting his approval. Once you could get in touch with Bland10000 via the Audio T-Station forums. However Audio T-Station is no more so I have no idea how you would get in touch.

Recently I wanted to get in touch with 'JohnBabyDisc' (he who created the MDChannel Picasa site) but again with no Audio T-Station forum then this has proved impossible.

Both users used to be very active in the MD scene (pre 2010) but I believe both have moved on to other recording mediums and are no longer active.

There is a Facebook page for Audio T-Station but neither of them are members. So unless anyone knows the guy directly then I think we will struggle to get his approval.

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Tommy (aka Bland10000) is a great guy, although it's been a long time since I heard from him. I may still have his email address somewhere. I bought quite few Japanese blanks from him back in the day. He was also the source for my blue NH-3D - he managed to find a brand new one a couple of years after they had gone out of production.

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