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State of the forum(s) + changelog


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Ahah yeh, I thought that I had clicked the wrong link or something!!

Looks awesome! Pitty though that it doesn't cover my whole screen left to right..

I love the white on greyish background.... recon the orange is maybe a little bright...

but mate looks awesome!

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I'm pleased that you folk like it. :D It is indeed easy on the eyes green, as I discovered this morning -- far different from the blinding colors from the other skins.

Nonetheless, this skin will hold us over until Halloween, and by then all of the old skins will be back and look quite different (in a good way). I'll look into purchasing a darkened skin from my usual guy. I've thought about bringing back Rooq.

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I like this skin quite a bit. The Halloween skin has that harsh orange that makes it almost unreadable. And while I'm on broadband, low bandwidth is still a good thing for the text--the faster it loads, the better.

i'm sitting in the foyer of a hotel in hoi an, vietnam. it's balmy & i'm drunk but the halloween skin's looking nice & readable to my eyes.

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Halloween is the default skin again, and I lightened up the text to make it a little easier to read. I have also updated the Gallery to v2.0.3.

I must say my Avatar looks DAMN SEXY in the Halloween mode :P looks very scary as well :D:P

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I must say my Avatar looks DAMN SEXY in the Halloween mode :P looks very scary as well :D:P

Mesmerizing indeed! :blink: Your avatar could very well act as an additional catalyst for Aussies considering the mega sale over at MiniDisc Australia.

Anyway, the Halloween theme is indeed fun… should we expect a Thanksgiving theme shortly? ;)

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70+ bugfixes will help you in the long run when browsing the forum, as it should be faster. Nothing too signifigant.

1. [JS] PHP variable for session id used in javascript

2. [Portal] Setting group title missing from titlebar

3. Moderating team sorted by name instead of display name

4. [LDAP] New user registration email is missing the new member's name

5. [AJAX] Ability to enter blank topic title, causing no link to form

6. Memberlist sorting by name instead of display name

7. [JS] Syntax error in rte_html.js

8. [ACP] Broken page span links on email logs pages

9. [ACP] Deleting task logs was deleting entried newer than x days instead of older than x days

10. Users can view pinned topics even if permission not to view others topics is set to no

11. Adding attachmentid tags to topics are not stripped if there are no attachments

12. [Mods] Moderators cannot use warn panel if ban abilities set to no

13. [JS] STD Editor, using color selection, cursor jumps to beginning of postarea

14. [JS] Smilies always inserted at end of post in IE

15. [skin] Using 100% of your attachment space does not graphically appears as so

16. [skin] Long topic title causes topic options box to fall outside of maintitle div

17. [skin] Long PM text causes text to fall outside of My Assistant box

18. [skin] Minor skin issue with smilie table with certain settings

19. [skin] Two minor skin issues corrected

20. New lines not parsed in signatures when HTML enabled for signatures

21. [RSS] Attachments not parsed on export

22. Manual Upgrade SQL files do not include ibf_cache_store creation query

23. [ACP] Restricted admins can change members group to a non restricted admin in ACP

24. [AJAX] Edited by legend not appended to post when AJAX used

25. [AJAX] Post Icon removed when Quick Edit Used

26. [Reg] Banned email address is misleading

27. [Mods] Opening/Closing topic from AJAX forum view does not log moderator action

28. [Msg] Double line breaks if you use RTE editor and preview a PM

29. [PM] Line breaks not preserved properly in popup window.

30. [Mods] Cannot close/open a topic that has been altered by the new topic open/close time settings

31. [ACP] Login Manager has broken link to export method

32. [Mods] Member Look-Up Tool does not search display names

33. [ACP] Admin can pre-register a username that is more than 32 characters, but user can't login with it

34. [Cal-RSS] No Description set for Calendar RSS Feeds

35. [ACP] Invalid HTML used when entering forum rules can break the Rules Editing page

36. [Cal] Deleting default calendar (id 1) results in no calendar access

37. [ACP] Search for mod logs without entering any search text causes SQL error

38. [ACP] Recount tool sets last registered member's name instead of display name

39. [Polls] IP Address not stored when a vote is recorded

40. Charset hardcoded into lofi page

41. [subs] Fixed a broken link in the navigation bar

42. Fixed hardcoded texts in reported files (New file: lang_tar.php)

43. [MSG] Fixed defaulted options for save/preview, CC Users flag not showing in Saved Message List

44. [RSS] Link not properly parsed if HTML is preserved on import

45. Added in JPE support for thumbnail generation

46. Non-English characters in bbcode or smilie replacement code do not work in Quick Edit

47. Size 1 font reverted to 8pt due to popular demand

48. [RSS] Custom bbcode not parsed when exporting RSS feed

49. [Mods] Forums drop down menu using Short-Forum jump setting incorrectly

50. [Chat] Members chatting does not pull correct variable on new installs

51. [ACP] Hide display name member search field when not enabled

52. [Mods] Forums drop down menu using Short-Forum jump setting incorrectly

53. [Chat] Members chatting does not pull correct variable on new installs

54. [ACP] Hide display name member search field when not enabled

55. [Posting] Editing topic specifying open/close times does not close topic

56. [ACP] Bulk Mail, non-html emails display as html

57. [search] Some characters return as ? when using My Assistant search

58. [Mods] Moderator 'After Posting' drop down not properly generated for moderators

59. [ACP] Copyright Removal component at top of list causes blank Components page

60. [NEW FEATURE] RSS Feeds now support .htaccess authentication

61. [ACP] Skin differences report gives SQL error

62. [blog] Link on member_bar still using cmd=

63. [CAL] Ranged events showing a day ahead/behind under some circumstances

64. [CAL] RSS Feeds blank when they are regenerated on page load

65. [NEW FEATURE] Ability to set Topic Filtering option per forum in the ACP

66. [JS] Added ability to enter a blank description through the AJAX topic desc. edit

67. [ACP] Minor skin issue during login (calling an image at an invalid path)

68. [RSS] Multiple feeds - not all feeds update properly

69. [RSS] RSS Import task not logging imports

70. [RSS] One RSS feed with errors causes updates to all feeds to halt

71. [RSS] Not all errors returned when an RSS feed reports them

72. [Warn] Ability to warn users permission setting for mods not preserved properly

73. [CAL] Calendar RSS Feeds overwrite one another

As for the Downloads section, it has a more streamlined appearance.

Edited by kurisu
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70+ bugfixes and a few new bugs. I'm getting an error message when trying to upload a common *.mp3 file to the LRA. It says "Sorry, you are not allowed to post movies". This is propably the reason why 'percussive' and maybe a few others didn't succeed in uploading recently.

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