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  1. Jumping in here...... The best way to access Yahoo jp is to use a service. There are at least three. I have tried 2 of them, buyee.jp and fromJapan Beware the hidden costs. You may well end up paying roughly double the final auction price.
  2. sfbp

    Ebay resto mds jb930

    I always regarded the SMs as if they might well be written in Hungarian. No offence to your native tongue (which does have a reputation of sorts you will admit). Maybe that's why you and your countrymen are good at fixing electronics (Elektrotanya.com is from there).
  3. I love those Wa's - some of the most elegant of all MD's.
  4. Did you remove ALL the 32-bit netmd drivers from windows\inf? Well documented. What can happen is that the 32 bit driver can reload. That would explain Freddy's observation too.
  5. There's even someone with those flight cases on Ebay. Wonders will never cease. Be careful of the super-transparent MD blanks. I have had trouble with more than one make, the TDK RXGs come to mind but I have a feeling also these particular JVCs.
  6. Yeah the thing should show up with two different PIDs - one for NetMD and one for HiMD. For the latter, no drivers are required.
  7. You need to follow the trsin tracks. Step one is to get rid of all 32 bit drivers for netmd. Step 2 is to disable driver signature enforcement at next boot Step 3 is to install NetMD760 When you say it's back to being a storage device that necessarily implies you're in HiMD mode. So at the very least you need to insert a formatted legacy MD. Better would be to switch the disc mode (menu) to NetMD/MD and insert a blank disk. You'll get there.
  8. So it works as a HiMD (the storage feature) but the NetMD function is probably impaired by Zadig. You're going to have to uninstall the Zadig driver if you want SonicStage to work on legacy (NetMD) disks. I think......
  9. You'd better give us a summary of what DOES work.
  10. It will disconnect and reconnect any time you switch from NetMD to HiMD, for one thing For another, if USB power is not that great you may have some problems. Put a 3V Sony PS on the yellow power/charging socket and see if the problem vanishes. Also when the "disc mode" is different from the disk just removed, or the disk just inserted is different from the "disc mode" you will hear the same disconnect/connect noises.
  11. Sounds to me like the outputting amplifier is sending any one of 88.2,96,176.4,192 Khz sampling rate data. You probably have to find a setting on the AMP to do "PCM downsampling" or something like that, for the digital output. Most makes don't allow digital output at all. In addition you have to turn off Dolby Digital, THX, DTS, etc etc and set for plain ol' 2 channels. 5 years ago when this post was started, digital streams with high data rates were probably not as common. In addition HDCP protection is there on a lot of sound sources such as movies, bluray SACD etc. We need some more details: the make and model, which connector (Toslink or Coax), and which MD deck (the North American decks tend to have only Toslink, whereas the Euro-decks often have a digital coax connector in place of one optical).
  12. Alternator starting to die. Mine took years to do so. Some head units are like the canary in the mine. You He/she could start by checking the voltage supply a. at the battery b. at the head unit.
  13. r o f l (spouse says I need to get rid of these things N O W)
  14. I have a 630 if you'd like one. Please contact me by message if interested. Stephen
  15. Quick thought, Gyula. It might be better to avoid disks recorded on portables. I would be inclined to believe a disk recorded on one of the other decks. Why? because portables especially NetMD (ie pre HiMD and post SP-only like the amazing R50) tend to have trouble with power. I remember when got my N910 and before I had an MDLP deck. I made some disks (LP2) to play in the car, for which I had bought, not an MD deck, but the 6-MD-changer that plays MDLP. IT DIDN'T WORK, and the culprit was the portable.
  16. Reading is actually fussier than writing, as you have discovered. Not so with portables, where the power used is capable of "bankrupting" the battery during recording. Of all the units to repair, it seems the 510 has had the worst luck with failures. I wonder if it's all that metal..........
  17. What about next day? One side effect of recording is that the disk gets hot. Sometimes this may have an adverse effect on electronics...... In turn it may mean the system (servo mechanism) is having to work too hard to play or record, ie it needs some sort of adjustment. Head cleaning is going to do just about nothing and likely risks the optical pickup. Very occasionally cleaning is an issue, but I really really doubt it here.
  18. sfbp


    For some reason I am getting access denied when I read the comments. If y'all out there cannot access this driver, I will try to upload it again. Please send me a PM.
  19. No idea what the "H" means in the world of Sharp. However the MT-99 is definitely MDLP. Some units by some manufacturers lost Mono capabilities (you get double SP but only one channel of course) so I had to check before replying. Thanks for supplying full information in your query. You should be good to go.
  20. The MDS-JE640 is on the list of machines that does implement it, so it's some stoopid arbitrary firmware choice they made to differentiate the models. The 640 and 440 are so similar that they share a manual. I was about to post the manual page when I saw it says "MDS-JE640 only" at the top of it. BTW the Auto Pause function is so well hidden, I'm not surprised I never noticed it, never having needed it either. I'll bet on the 480 its there but you have to use the same series of button presses as on most of the decks such as the MDS-PC3. Menu->Setup>Yes. Tab to AutoSpace, press Yes (whilst it's flashing) and then AMS (go to next menu item, which on the PC3 remote is FF button) rotate until you get Auto Pause. Activate or deactivate with Yes. No need for super-size-me remote
  21. Great. A very versatile little beast. The function was well hidden in the docs but is in fact there.
  22. Auto pause is there on all the decks. It's missing from all the Walkmen. End of. The MDS-PC3 is a deck but it's quite small. Will that do?
  23. To be truthful I actually use CoolEdit which was what Adobe took over and made into Audacity. It's always worked perfectly for resampling, stretch, pitch+speed. I think.... now you've got me worried, will (OCD) go and check. Update: Slowing it down or speeding it up by 10% were both absolutely no problem. I took "Where corals lie" for Soprano and piano by Edward Elgar, used medium precision. Both the singer and the piano sounded full and rich. I think something which is compressed such as mp3 will just about die when you do this, and MDLP won't be a lot better. But MDSP should be fine.
  24. You're right. The 980 has it, and the 770 and PC3, the 640 does not. Not certain about 940.
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