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    Sony MZ-N1

    Hi Carl, Welcome.. I presume you have charged the unit? It could well be that after all these years the removable battery is dead. Does it work if you put an AA battery in the external battery holder?
  2. Good to hear it's still working. Yes, the N10, NH1, NH3D and DH10P all share the same USB connector. None of them charge over USB, just transfer tracks. All of them require the cradle to charge. The DH10P can be connected via USB direct or the cradle also has a USB port in it. The NH1 / NH3D were originally planned to have USB connections also in the cradle, but this idea was cancelled during the pre-production phase.
  3. I am running Windows 10 Pro 20H2, build 19042.804 and I still have the option in the advanced startup menu. Which version are you on? * Moved to Software sub-forum
  4. Yes, the remote port is a common standard across all players
  5. I concur - I think the 53EL / 55ELK or 38EL should all work fine. I am not familiar with the NE711, but I guess perhaps it was a Europe only model. Strange indeed that it has the remote port, but no remote bundled..
  6. Yes, I would second that. Even though I rarely do it, the ease of use of the jog dial on the Onkyo is great. Even the titling on the remote is relatively quick.
  7. Do you still have any of the blanks available Syndil?
  8. I have never heard of that one (b) before.. Sounds somewhat far fetched to me.. However, I generally title all my discs on the computer. Even if I record something on my deck via optical or line in then I'll go and put the disc into a portable and title it via the computer. In the cases where there are not many tracks on the disc I sometimes title it on the deck and just use the remote..
  9. Glad to hear it's working again - phew! I have to say I have never been a fan of putting labels on discs either. Mainly because I just like the designs of the discs themselves the way they come, but at the same time, I sort of think what is the point. If you put the disc inside the machine you are not going to see the label anyway.. Also because I am probably just too lazy to make proper labels..
  10. Not sure if this is any help - it's the older MD-105 unit, but has a similar "Mecha Error", albeit on the disc insertion initially. The guy strips it down and it seems like the eject / load mechanism has some kind of rollers on the side that he cleans and then something else underneath the drive mechanism that he cleans up https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAP71DIGg-Y
  11. Enjoy the unit. If the transformer is the Kashimura in the original picture then it is indeed tiny. I have a lot of Kashimura transformers and they are very reliable. Even the 100w to 200w capacity ones are not much bigger.
  12. Thanks for the news - it looks good. No problem with this, but I'll move it to the relevant sub-section as this Announcements section is for announcements regarding changes to the forums / site itself. Cheers! * Topic moved to "The Loft"
  13. sfbp is correct. Tracks in legacy format (SP, LP2 etc..) don't have a concept of a date property. You can see this if you scroll through the options on the remote when playing a track or look at the properties of a track on a disc in the transfer window in Sonic Stage. Non Hi-MD tracks only have track title. The Group can have a title and the Disc can have a title. That's it. For Hi-MD tracks (Atrac3+) you can additionally have album name, artist name and track date. The date property for track will only be visible on certain units as well - usually the recorders / downloaders that have an internal clock function - for example, NH1, RH1, DH10P, NH3D etc... but it will be visible in Sonic Stage in the properties of the track
  14. Thanks! Yes, it was a Japan only player so they all originate from Japan somehow, but there will be people selling them on eBay as well. I imported mine from Japan and you are right in that they are quite hard to find in good condition. The front is very reflective, but if you do find one that has some not too deep scratches they are not too difficult to polish out on the front. The back is where you need to check carefully as the ones I see for sale are very often scuffed and I think there is not too much that can be done to correct them given the type of plastic used on the rear and the coating on it.
  15. It's been a while since I have seen any pictorials (or indeed made any myself). So here we go with my silver MZ-E620
  16. I know this is an old topic, but in case anyone is still reading it, there are a number of solutions: Download X-App and run it in a Japanese version of Windows (this is what I use) Run X-App in English Windows but through a locale emulator If you have a working version of English Sonic Stage, you can also run it through a locale emulator If anyone wants any info on these options, just let me know. Regarding the UX-Q1, this won't title in Kanji, just katakana or roman alphabet.
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