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  1. Thanks for the link, some nice units in there (I think I even contributed myself) I am moving this to the Off-Topic / Electronics section as it is not a pictorial in itself.
  2. * Moved to Find Your Minidisc section
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  6. Worst case scenario, after you have imported the tracks you can always sort them by date imported.. See this topic as well http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=22501
  7. The answer is yes you can upload them with your MZ-M200 and regarding the second, I can't recall but I think it will put them in an "album" based on the disc name, but all the track info will come across as is including titles. * Moved to software discussion section
  8. * Moved to Off-Topic (other electronics) section
  9. Good to see you again. 4.3 is pretty much the most stable and latest version of SS for Hi-MD. There was a 4.4 but this was Japanese language only and 5.x again Japanese only and not compatible with MD. Avrin extracted the more stable OpenMG module from these later versions and retro-applied it to SS4.3 to come up with an "Ultimate Version" you might want to check out - see here for details: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showt...mp;#entry141995 * Topic Moved to Software Discussion Section
  10. Happy Birthday Storm Shadow - have a great day
  11. I just bought 2 x 10 pack of the Victor AR 2002 Series blanks * (Image courtesy Ishii)
  12. * Topic Moved to Software Discussion section
  13. Thanks sfbp - hadn't seen Avrin's thread (I have pinned it in the software forum).
  14. Have you tried this page: http://www.sony.com.au/support/download/11...-rh1/modelfirst
  15. Yes, thanks - your discs arrived very quickly if I recall. - I've got the postcards on the noticeboard next to the desk.
  16. Wow.. That a nice piece of work. And a fine collection of blanks too.
  17. Hello again - and sorry for going AWOL for so long... PS: Bob - I'm not sure what happened to the discs I sent you, so I'll ship 'em out again. - Sorry!
  18. Thanks for the great pictorial & review Stuge - as a fellow black DH10P owner I can concur that this is an great unit - mine is still going strong.
  19. * Moved to Software Discussion Section
  20. * Topic moved to 'Phones section
  21. You can edit the date and time in the properties of the album or on the individual track (right-click => Properties) in Sonic Stage and it will transfer to the unit (NH1, RH1, etc..).
  22. Like Bob I also (finally) picked up an RH1 this week. I bought it locally here in London in the end as the price worked out about the same if not cheaper than importing from MDC. Also bought a 10 pack of Maxell Couler, 10 pack of TDK Clef and 10 Maxell Plain style discs.
  23. Hey Skradgee - good to you see again - have pm'd you re: the password.
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