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  1. * Pictorial restored I believe this series was indeed from 1999 and confirm was the 1st of 4 of the J'z series from Axia. It was also sold in 5 and 10 pack storage boxes, but the discs were still individually wrapped, the same as shown here. Only available in 74 minute variants.
  2. I'm not entirely sure - ポシェ on the wrapper is pronounced as 'posh' and it is in effect a loan word, but I'm not sure if it's used in the same way as in English - to mean high class, luxurious - it could be an allusion to the gold and silver disc colours... In theory I suppose it could also be from the French 'poche' as in small ladies bag..
  3. * Pictorial work in progress from Ishii restored. I will update this one in due course with pictures of the 74 minute discs and the 80 minute 5 pack
  4. I think again something got lost along the way over the years during the various upgrades. There is an option in the back end admin panel to install the new "standard emoji's" but to do that it asks me to upgrade the database to unicode or something. I am wary of doing that as I don't have the ability to make a backup first and don't want to crash the whole site.. That would result in a lot of angry face emoji's.. Maybe @Christopher has some ideas..
  5. Thanks - it wasn't taken as a knock at all :-) (if only the emoji's were working I could have added a smiley to my original post!).. I was puzzled by the mobile thing too and have to confess I'm a bit behind the times.. I did manage to use the "Request Desktop Site" option in Chrome on my android phone, but that resulted in a lot of zooming in and out.. I'll give BearBoy's tip a try too as a workaround - sounds good
  6. Thanks, it's something I have wanted to do for years. I know how much time and effort was put in to create them and to be honest I thought they had been lost for ever.. I am relying on the Wayback Machine for now as I have no idea if the original files still exist on the server somewhere and even if they do I don't have access. Once I have recovered everything I can, I'll add some new ones of my own (both disc pictorials and MD units).. Once I have done that I would like to figure out how to get the emoji's working again - it's a small thing I know, but I miss that too... :-)
  7. I had the same problem - exactly - there seems to be some kind of overlay sometimes that blocks half of the screen.. I'm not sure why this is - maybe there is a special skin or something we need to deploy for the mobile.. I have never been too good at figuring that part of the board out.. Sorry also for spamming everyone with the pictorial updates.
  8. * Restoring Ishii's pictorial to it's original glory :-)
  9. Richard

    Sony MZ-N1

    Hi Carl, Welcome.. I presume you have charged the unit? It could well be that after all these years the removable battery is dead. Does it work if you put an AA battery in the external battery holder?
  10. Good to hear it's still working. Yes, the N10, NH1, NH3D and DH10P all share the same USB connector. None of them charge over USB, just transfer tracks. All of them require the cradle to charge. The DH10P can be connected via USB direct or the cradle also has a USB port in it. The NH1 / NH3D were originally planned to have USB connections also in the cradle, but this idea was cancelled during the pre-production phase.
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