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  1. frisby, if you care about your unit try to solve your problem but you just can buy another unit for a few bucks.
  2. Best sounding Minidisc portable?

    I have one grey NH700 and would be happy if I can find a blue one.
  3. Best sounding Minidisc portable?

    It is currently admitted that the MZ-RH1 has the best DAC, ergo the best sound. I would prefer from far sound form a QS and ES Sony decks.
  4. Minidisc -An appreciation (Teckmoan"s video)

    Yes, a good video for anybody who want to know a lot in a few time about Minidisc
  5. (WTB) MC40ELK remote for mZ-NH1

    Mission impossible
  6. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    Pham Cu got one too.
  7. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    Or even a Hi-MD bookshelf with Net-MD connection, which is very sad. Always nedd a portable Hi-MD to do the work the bookshelf can't do. Without talking about the quality of the amplification section. What a pity...
  8. ONKYO N7TX = Hi-MD ! in Vietnam

    That is a compressed-like ;>) bookshelf...However, the unit is deeper that the higher model. No idea of the marketing beeing back to this. No, I don't bought one. I'd rather search for the model with an optical out (FR-N9TX). http://www.jp.onkyo.com/search_result/?q=Hi-MD
  9. How To Create Your Own Custom Minidisc Labels

    MiniDisc Labels - PART 1: Video Game Music Making Minidisc labels
  10. http://www.swharden.com/blog/how-to-create-your-own-custom-minidisc-labels/ http://www.medea.co.uk/buy/audio-minidisc-labels-60-a4-p-1025.html http://gadinsetboutsdeficelles.blogspot.com/2008/02/playlist-par-charles-berbrian-soif-de.html http://home.online.no/~hpersett/mp32minidisc/mp32md.exe http://www.pochette-express.com/pe.exe
  11. How To Create Your Own Custom Minidisc Labels

    Same idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0gB5Nqk0M0&feature=youtu.be
  12. Laurel/Yanny

    Yes, the devil ;>)
  13. Laurel/Yanny

    I will make the test with my father (86 years)...
  14. Vintage Sony Walkman on Collectors Weekly

    No but right now I don't need any unit. It was just an information. I go to France in june and will bring back in Vietnam maybe 1500+ MD blanks ! My limit : 2 x 23 kg in the plane, around 2/3of all (all = with shelves). Thanks to Sergio Scoto From Antoine (french)
  15. https://www.collectorsweekly.com/electronics/sony-walkman/auctions?sort=mostWatched I suppose this is for USA only... poor me
  16. Vintage Sony Walkman on Collectors Weekly

    I mean only coming from USA...
  17. In many topics, we can read that it is only possible to have a real SP quality (292 kbps) if the recording is done in real time. But WHAT about all those 2x and more copies done with a boombox or a bookshelf ? Is it a false SP ?
  18. To add 2 seconds between tracks (and most of the times adding tracks on the MD which you will need to delete one by one or faster with Sonic Stage using an Net-MD connection) with foobar2000, use the plugin < foo_dsp_silence >. I have found a similar function in JRiver Media Center (maybe the free sotware jRiver Media Jukebox have it too) but for a recording, the player need to be simple ans JRiver is NOT simple....
  19. Using an MD deck as a DAC question

    This is rather original to connect TWO MD decks together but as you said, your LP2 MDs sounds better. Personnaly, I would think that this is the time for you to buy a modern (24bit/192kHz is far enough) DAC with at least TWO digital S/PDIF entries : one coaxial, one toslink. There are a lot non-expensive DACs which do that. Something like that the picture below (but you can find far betters DAC with a greater choice of inputs and outputs as you know). About your question, is there or not a double-DSP + Atrac compression in my configuration, I let others worthy technical members like Stephen to answer you.
  20. WANTED - Remote Control Sony RM-D51M

    Rappelle moi d'aller fouiner avant de venir en France (6 juin) pour voir si par hasard un vendeur de JA333ES ne vendrait la télécommande (je vois çà de l'ordre de 50$).
  21. The guy just sell his original setup CD, nothing strange
  22. Due to oma files protection, I decided a long time ago not to have a library on my computer with that format. I just have Flac that I eventually converted to WMA (format & metadatas recognized by SonicStage) when I want to transfer in another format that SP. I would have take a kind look better to the ATRAC Advanced Lossless if it had been more reliable to use as any other lossless format.
  23. WANTED - Remote Control Sony RM-D51M

    Hey Olivier regarde ici : https://www.jauce.com/auction/s473201891