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  1. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Do you listen your music with a good headphone ? http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/5-quality-headphones-cost-50/
  2. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Hi mimarsinan, I don't know about the sound quality of this "Turner - DJ Fuzuli" set but when I listen to it on my own system with my PC as source, it sound good enough to me. But electronic music can be good even as 192kbps. The easiest test you can do is to record an original CD from your CD player : source with CD quality, and MD set to SP mode or, if your disc has been formatted in Hi-MD mode, MD set to Hi-SP). If you listen only music from your PC or your Mac, the test recording has to be done with a lossless quality file as the source (using a good player like jRiver Media Center - there is a free version -or foobar2000 or any player reading lossless audio files). Even the PC player can be set with different listening parameters meaning that the CD player test is more reliable. Hi-REs audio files can be record using an analog connection or an downsample to 24bit-48kHz DAC setting.
  3. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Use this : toslink to digital, toslink, mini-jack, 3.5" etc https://www.amazon.com/KabelDirekt-TOSLINK-Optical-Digital-Audio/dp/B00GZQWLF0/ref=pd_sim_23_6?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00GZQWLF0&pd_rd_r=6CA6V2SWV353H9PPVJR6&pd_rd_w=OhcRl&pd_rd_wg=AXldx&psc=1&refRID=6CA6V2SWV353H9PPVJR6
  4. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    https://cdn.head-fi.org/a/2905221.jpg https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61M7agKgoxL._SL1500_.jpg The cable inside the MD is called a SPDI/F Toslink mini-jack.or a Mini Digital Optical SPDIF https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcQEd7ss6lQ Note that you can use such cables also to connect the MD to a PC or a Mac with an optical out for your recordings. The settings of the sound card must be set at 24bit-48kHz maximum. A player like Foobar200 with the plugin Post-track Silence, plus Sonic Stage for the editing (needing Net-MD connection) can be used for a real time recording (real SP mode). Stereo Flac files or even Hi-Res audio files are the best for the best audio recording quality.
  5. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    And I have it...
  6. MD portables that use AA batteries?

    use the browser to search "AA" http://minidisc.org/equipment_browser.html
  7. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    No Hi-MD with radio recording capatibility, only one with radio on the remote.
  8. Choice of MD microphones

    Radio or any other technical info : the browser will answer you ! I don't use a mike (no field recording). Maybe somebody else ?
  9. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    http://minidisc.org/part_Sony_MZ-S1.html and I think some (or all) bookshelves & boomboxes. Check the browser.
  10. Sony Cmt J3 MD

    user's manual https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/support/res/manuals/3868/38680331M.pdf
  11. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Try 02 to 99 ;>)
  12. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    If you listened to Hard Core music or Ted Nugent Live this also could be another cause...
  13. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    I don't know a lot about copyright and limitations when you transfer music to the disc or upload files with the help of the RH1. There are some topics about this in the forum.
  14. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    There are plenty of good news. All MD units have an optical "mini-jack toslink" in. The recording quality is so good (even considering a compression) that you can consider to buy a very good digital cable (jack 3.5" to mini-jack) like an Audioquest Forest. Same thing for the headphone. If you use it as a portable unit, buy also a carying pouch (with at least one hole to connect the headphone) to prevent scratches (a lever cigar boxe is even possible). And use it gently every time you open it to change the disc or use the buttons. Doing that you will be able to resell the unit in some years at the same price you bough it. About the recordings modes, there are different "schools" here about what is the best for you (not only for the quality but also for question of storage, time, full universality between different generation of all your units, etc). The best news is that it is still quite easy to find (cheap) standard MD discs (no need of only sealed ones) that can be formatted in Hi-MD mode (or not), 1 Gb Hi-MD are nethertheless quite rare and expensive nowadays. And finally you will use a vintage audio device that will last a loooong time with you (if you use it gently). Beside another less expensive portable unit and a (good) deck are warmly advise.
  15. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Sorry Stephen, when Jim sent me back my RH1 units, I dressed the grey unit with a green panther sticker design (the orange marsupilami was far more beautiful). So the informations are not apparent, except if I put off the skin, a thing I don't want to do as the poor unit has many scratches. The text unit is in english though.
  16. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    The RH1 is a fragile unit. Because of that, some of us think that it is better to use it at home, like a very small deck to be use gently. Myself I use it for recording mostly connected digitally to my laptop and use a NH700 for listening.
  17. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    I have a grey unit (and a black one bought in France, both completely repaired by Jim Hoggarth) : the "Marsupilami" one, set in english when I bought it (no idea if it had been sold in Viêt-Nam when brand new model or imported from Japan then got a new language setting in english). But I need some explanation how to enter (and exit) the service mode, your "nope" tend to make me cautious. Found that anyway : from Alexis << A little more about MD regions * You can display, but not edit, roman and japanese characters using any device. * You can edit english roman characters using a japanese model. * You cannot edit all european roman characters on a japanese unit. * You cannot edit a text that has been entered on a foreign machine, even if it uses the common subset of english-only roman characters. * The character set used on the remote is dependent on the region of the player. Try the following to make an example: Take an american or european unit, title any track "TEST", put the MD into a japanese and try to edit this track. You get a "CAN'T EDIT". This is because of the region. That is why it is useful to change the region of foreign devices to keep them compatible with other units of the same region. All this is based on my own experience with an RH-1 (japanese), an RH-10 (american), and an MC40ELK remote (chinese). >>
  18. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    We do have a japanese member of SI, haven't we ? Stephen as an administrator, can you get inside more easier than us (search engine) in member's profile ?
  19. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    By Jove... Look like you get the price, Sphig. Could be useful to let us know what else do you have in your archives. Think of it.
  20. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    I don't search a solution myself in the document but you can - read the service manual : http://www.minidisc.org/manuals/sony/service/sony_MZ-RH1_service_manual.pdf - enter in the service mode of the unit (risky), where the option is probably hidden
  21. Change Language of Japanese MZ-RH1 Unit

    Yes you are right, I don't either such option on my unit. You need to compare the english user"s guide to the japanese one.
  22. MiniDisc Deck Disk Eject Fix

    Your Sony PCV-MXS10 is a collector. Keep it preciously. Try to contact directly NGY here and also Jonathan (http://www.jonathandupre.fr/) alias jonathanpotato here to explain your problem, they have very good technical knowledge about MD units.
  23. Clearly a good work. I won't do that myself as I have next home a huge market of old MD bookshelves & boomboxes for peanuts in the Nhat Thao area in HCM city. Not to be compare with Akihabara then, this is much more very small shops. http://amthanhjp.blogspot.com/ 1t ~ 43,5 US$
  24. The same MD fan trying to sale his so-nice-labelled collection for some years now. A huge work he have done to upload all that stuff. Note that there are here and there some collectors (MD discs). The1.000 MDs full collection would cost around 1500US$ ! https://nhattao.com/threads/chuyen-ban-dia-nhac-mini-disc-md-nhac-viet-nam.4607450/ http://hangdientujapan.com.vn/ http://phoamthanh.phomuaban.vn/index.php?mod=detail&cat=887&storeid=216424&id=758415&d=1496072900&mt=0
  25. any HiMD player that has optical output?

    Complete test would be to connect the toslink cable to an optical in of a PC or a receiver.