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  1. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    Note that deck sound is sound more dynamic.
  2. Currently manufactured MD hardware and blanks

    I would not buy a RH1 as a first or even second unit. There are others Hi-MD units with a good chance of longer life. But for me, first generation (pre-MDLP) & Net-MD units are the best for a long durability. Decks are good too, specially JAxES, JB & JE series
  3. I know we have already talk about it but it could be usefull to remind us which are the Atrac formats that could be import/edit/save in Sond Forge Pro. Sound ForgePro 12 manage the DSD format : I will be interested to save my music directly in Atrac files (that could be transfer to my MD discs). For a real time recording, I have recently ordered this : http://taingheviet.com/topping-d10.html?sort=p.price&order=ASC&limit=100 which is a half DAC half DAC interface (if followed by a better DAC).
  4. Stephen remind us the version of Sound Forge to be used fro editing/creating Atrac files.
  5. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    For you Sphig (Google Translator is your friend) : http://www.laserdiscplaza.fr/forumld/viewtopic.php?f=63&t=5850
  6. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    No need to ask, he his in an absolute wordship in front of IT.
  7. Rare Minidisc For Sale

    For sure, Enzo Heavenly LOVE the Hi-MD format... so you have some king of Alibaba"s cavern for him, Fox Gabanna
  8. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    J'ai déjà vu cette photo quelque part
  9. But this is so expensive ! If you have a line in, this is much cheaper to use a minijack cable ! A loudspeaker like the Sony one (or maybe a bigger one as the sound could be dreadful in a noisy car) is at a similar price.
  10. Lots of remotes, which one is best??

    Damned good ! Thank you Hmmm Music Lover.
  11. Lots of remotes, which one is best??

    After (or before) a life test with all MD units power on, you can also check the "browser" of minidisc.org and use <Ctrl F> for each remote name. I believe that somewhere deep in this forum there are some topics about those remotes.
  12. MZ-RH1 Settings for decent playback

    dbpowerbank can convert your Flac files to WMA lossless. The trial version can do the job by pack of a dozen files but if you don't have 10.000 files to convert at the same time, that will be good enough. I don't advise then you use SonicStage as a player (in the case you would think so) for your real time recording, I find the sound very poor compare to foobar2000 and other players But SonicStage - and Soundforge pro which can create Atrac files - seem the only one to make a Net-MD transfert.
  13. Sony MDS-JB 940 Static Mini Disc Player

    I do not get such problem yet
  14. Some people are not happy with it if they are too far from the antenna in the car or too close to an area where there are too much FM stations. At least FM will dissapear one day from the sky, so that problem at least will allow to renew the uitlity of that little accessory ! For the first problem.. change the car
  15. MZ-RH1 Settings for decent playback

    You mean Atrac old --- Atrac3 MDLP --- Atrac3plus Hi-MD
  16. MZ-RH1 Settings for decent playback

    Wav does not support tags, then if you have the choice convert Flac to Wma which is fully supported by SonicStage and still has tags.
  17. Sony MDS-JB 940 Static Mini Disc Player

    Hi Alison , "static"... a good one this one ! Maybe you just need to change the rubber band (flexible ring) and renew the old grease of the deck eject system. Rings and grease are easy to find on Internet, just need to know what size is the ring (see service manual). When the disc does not succeded toeject, the deck believe that a new disc has been introduced, this is why TOC is read a second time. You can also clean the readind & recording lenses with isopropilic alcool. You will find videos on internet also to help you I think. Look like Jim Hoggarth has retired from the MD repair service world, due to his declining health. But your problem does not look to be a big one.
  18. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    Flac can be converted in WMA, and WMA could be imported in SonicStage (not Flac), then the files can be transfered digitally in any MD formats. The ONLY thing that must be done in real time is to record in SP format (original MD format which could be listened by all MD units, even the very first ones). Thereafter you can even record must higher quality audio files than Flac, all HI-Res audio could be record on a MD, you just need to record with an analog connection or downgrade the signal to 48kHz (with players which are able to read Hi-Res music like foobar2000 or jRiver Media Center and some others, fix the frequency to 48kHz during the recording or use a downgrade frequency plugin)..
  19. [FIND] Lever (Lock) Assy Sony MDS-JA333es

    Thanks Sphig, Olivier (macaddict77) is a friend of mine
  20. FS: Sony Minidisc Walkman MZ-NH3D Japan Rare

    Nice collection (I love also the black MZ-EH1), focused on some best units of the Net-MD format and on the first generation Hi-MD (which seem to me stronger built than the 2d gen) I hope you will find a new home for all the units.
  21. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    Flac or even Hi-Res Flac/SACD/DSD files (analog or optical downgrade to 24bit-48kHz)
  22. Hi. I seem to have returned to Mini Disc.....

    Instead of searching for an AA case only on eBay, most of the time for less than the double price you can find a cheap unit which include the AA external case plus some MD discs. This is how start a new collection (it begin with a good knowledge of the minidisc.org browser and FAQ). Try also to get a good MDLP type S deck, And in case Hi-MD format interested you, the first Hi-MD generation (NH600-700-900) is the cheapest and is more reliable (durability) than the next one. This my opinion.