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  1. The MZ-M200 is the RH1 plus a Sony ECM-DS70P microphone. So basically, you need a review for the MZ-RH1. You can get a lot of answers with one of the very first topics on the subjet, the new MZ-RH1.
  2. Lesser quantity is the good way to sell. It is quite difficult to find Hi-MD price closer to the original price. Bonne chance avec ta recherche d'Hi-MD. Sergio est le bon vendeur pour de grande quantité de MD standards (je lui en ai acheté près de 200).
  3. His contact page : mail to :sergio.scoto at Sergio has still I think a lot of Md to sell, maybe some Hi-MD.
  4. His price is a classic for those Hi-MD discs, the double of the original price. But yes, that would be much easier for him to sell them by packs of 5 or 10. From time to time, you will find Hi-MD discs on eBay or Leboncoin, Priceminister, etc. Any standard MD can also be formated in Hi-MD format.
  5. Clin d'oeil
  6. Just put the protection on your orginal MD during recording
  7. bluecrab, Kesha bought a HBB Portadisc to do that (professional unit, USB connection). With a deck with an optical out, this is also possible put you need to evade copyright protection (I don't clearly know how to do that but sure it has been discussed hundred of times). Most of the time the copy will be analogic.
  8. Kesha, it is time to use your HBB Portadisc to record in real time your MD to your computer. The sound will be as close as possible for this kind of recording, VERY close to the original. HBB Portadisc is a professional unit so don't worry with the result. Only MZ-RH1 can do exactly what you want, transferring the tracks to WAV files and as you record this MD 20 years ago and probably at this time not with vintage professional high-end tools, I doubt you would be able to notice a difference.
  9. Get your eyes dry and be happy: The same for MD units :
  10. For those who can understand french or just can translate french text, jonathanpotato has repaired and comment a lot of portable and deck units, even made a repair guide : Articles / Accès par thèmes / Minidisc, . Note that there are dozens of comments even hundreds for some of them on each unit on Sony Insider. Non Sony units like Sharp's however are not that much analysed and commented so that could be a welcome add. I don't know if your topic will have a good success and I just cross my fingers for you. Perhaps I will had my own comments when I will have more time.
  11. Maybe this is a stupid question but if you connect a Net-MD unit on your PC, is this possible to use the M-Crew software instead of SS ?
  13. I was wandering if that will not be difficult next years to find an unit in good order. At least an unit like an MZ-R55 is not expensive and that is why I bought mine in 2011 from Holland with a bunch of his brothers (MZ-R35, MZ-N710, MZ-NH700, MZ-RH1) just in case units would get rare and in bad order.
  14. service manual copyright jonathanpotato Mécanique Base Unit Bloc optique MDM-2C MBU-2B KMS-210A In french : Please contact him directly. Maybe somebody here will help you too.
  15. Maybe a corrosion problem inside on your button board or on the button themselves ? Open it.
  16. The right mail address is here. Sharp like Sony do not support the MD format since years. In Italy maybe you can talk about your problem with Sergio Scotto.
  17. then search for AA...
  18. Or a vacuum cleaner with a fin net (gauze...) on the mouth + low power. Talking about mouth, a dentist mirror and light could be useful.
  19. I suggest you open your unit just in case to look at where this old smoke is supposed to come from. Sure you will need to clean something inside with an air sucker (the gentle kind one). Maybe this was only some plastic parts... Very tiny burnt parts could stop your unit one day or the other.
  20. Vintage mixed with recent stereo Hi-Fi. Personaly I have a JB980 connected to a Yamaha DSP-AZ1 home theater amplifier which is... explosive both with my hundreds of SACD albums stored on my HDDs and with MDs. Old Sansui and big Chinese stand loudspeakers.
  21. What did you do to make it work finally ?
  22. I love it. Rare, look like The Quest of the Holy Grall. What is your hi-fi system ?
  23. Such units have a cheap price. Just find one with Atrac 4.5 + type R. Or an MDLP uni type S. There is also jonathanpotato in France who is a excellent repairman :