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  1. Commonly ultrafiltered or demineralized (cheaper) water. Nowadays meaning buying a new deck instead trying to find a "new" lens + setup.
  2. If this is the ribbon cable, it look like something that can easily be fixed. We cross fingers for you kris01. Take pictures if you do not find the problem.
  3. + +
  4. Damned, And the problem occur on the ultimate unit... NGY or sfbp will be more helpfull than me but as the previous owner did not use the unit that much, the front panel could have dust or contacts problem inside.
  5. corrosion or bad contact ?
  6. There are some Speedy Gonzales buyers here...
  7. Did you clean the recording lenses (gently) ? If one of our technician aficionados here like NGY or sfbp (Stephen) can help you, perfect. But considering the actual value of such a deck, maybe it would simple to buy a new one.
  8. I do not exactly what he did but his work was like a deluxe album with a small booklet for each MD.
  9. Like this CD case : I don't remember where I have found it on the web. I kept a lot of empty DVD cases and still then, I am thinking of something similar to the previous Cd case Even much more, qualia017 has made a fantastic job here but his pictures are not anymore available, I just sent him a PM
  10. Yes find it for us punkrockaddict.
  11. And with those labels I got that (MD box) :
  12. What is so important with the MD cover of minidisccover ? If you prefer a sofware than a template in Word, I advise you to use instead exPressit SE3.1 (software still available and free on the web). There is not an exact template done for MD box but you can use one like ZIp cartridge (yes it is boring to use another one but after trying out you will feel OK. The MD template (cover on the MD itself)
  13. I don't know why, no way for me to reach from Vietnam Did you translate my Laserdisc Plaza topic ? I just found this video :
  14. Last picture with a MD, the MD is not at the same scale. A good sale anyway.
  15. If you need more MD discs, contact Sergio Scoto :
  16. That was a 10 "years ago" facility. MD is dead here now.
  17. You don't need of software but a template. You can easily draw it yourself in Word, measuring the exact place of the case where you want : - to stick it (exterior side of the case) - or just introduce it inside the case (like a cover for a K7 case...without the shorter part with holes) : please note that if the cover has not three parts, the paper will quit the case easily, that is why a sticky exterior solution is better for you
  18. Find a A4 paper to print stickers (photo paper is too expensive as you know). I wrote a topic long time ago on Sony Insiders but it has been more detailed on the french web site Laserdisc Plaza. Just use Google traductor.
  19. Years ago Sony Vietnam sent my MZ-NH900 to Singapour to be repaired. My fainted screen has been replaced by... a second hand one. Just payed 20$ for that.
  20. Stephen (sfbp) will help you. Send him a PM with the file or a link to the file. Thanks.
  21. Just like a vaccin, in a plastic bag (close).
  22. Don't do that. You will regret deeply in 5 years. Keep them in your fridge.
  23. PoC2 why did you deleted all your posts ? There are here a lot of members who like to open all the topics and who will fell sad to read your "Post edited. No longer relevant" sentences.
  24. Anyway, the user and the service manuals are missing here so yes, members who have an interest will be glad to have any of them. And if you have still (a lot of) money :
  25. The MZ-M200 is the RH1 plus a Sony ECM-DS70P microphone. So basically, you need a review for the MZ-RH1. You can get a lot of answers with one of the very first topics on the subjet, the new MZ-RH1.