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  1. You can buy the D66's from audiocubes, as for the D77's I think you're best bet is eBay, but they don't come up often from what I gather. If anyone else knows of other sources for D77's let us know! The problem is that the D77's are discontinued whereas the D22's and D66's aren't. At least they are still in the 2005 catalog at http://www.ecat.sony.co.jp/products/catalog/AVacc_sou.pdf
  2. Yes I travel around a lot with my work, this station is Echt on the way to Maastricht, in the middle of nowhere. Of course the guy waiting with the folding bike is a bit of a giveaway
  3. This is normal SS never recognises my Hi-MD's for about 30 seconds. After this if I then click on my blue transfer button at the top (next to My Library) I can see HI-MD (F:) as a possible destination.
  4. If I remember correctly the D77's go down to 5hz vs. the D66's 10hz lower end - is that right? The Stanton DJ Pro 60's which I think I paid around 60 euros for a couple of years back have a range of 3-28000 Hz and have some of the best bass response on any set of phones I've heard. On the downside they are rather heavy despite folding in on themselves like the Eggo's.
  5. Really? - Maybe get round to buying some in the future. Seems like the D77's on the other hand are really hard to find..
  6. Aha - that's where your D66 pictorial went Ishi, was looking for that a while back.. Sorry for posting in wrong place!
  7. I agree, there are lots of other phones out there with better performance, but for over the ear portable / casual use these are pretty decent. If you had to choose between these and say the MDR-EX81SL, I would definitely go for the latter as the performance is much better particuarly in the lower end frequencies. (Then again not everyone likes the full in the ear style). As I said before the best thing about these is how light they are and that I can wear them for long periods of time with little or no discomfort.
  8. As Atrain says you need to check the bit-rate and encoding of the podcast mp3 file. A lot of podcasts (but not all) are recorded as mpeg-2 audio layer 3. The 2nd gen HI-MD will only play back mpeg-1 audio layer 3. Those I can't play natively I usually convert to Atrac 3plus 64K or Atrac3 132k. Hope this helps..
  9. Sony MDR-D22SL | Portable Headphones Some photos of the D-22 Eggo's. Use these quite a lot, very, very light & pretty good performance for the relatively low price. Enjoy... All images © Copyright 2005 - Richard H.
  10. I have also updated my own pictorial: http://forums.minidisc.org/index.php?showtopic=11621 to include a couple of shots taken with my DH10P
  11. Edit: Updated original post with a couple of new pics.
  12. Hi Tommy sorry for not replying sooner to your last post. The only other things I can think of are: Is the physical CD drive the first available drive letter after the last hard drive partition? Eg: If E: is your last hard drive is it feasible to change your first CD drive to be F:? The read me for Simple Burner says: "Some CD player applications may cause conflicts with MD Simple Burner." Unfortunately it doesn't mention which exactly.. Anything out of the ordinary here? I'm hoping somebody on this list can come up with something else in addition to what I've already tried - Anyone?
  13. Only by $10 though - hardly a massive saving...
  14. Yep, the MZ-DH10P has the same USB cable as the NH-1. A custom cable if you will. But the advantage is that is supplied with 2 of them. One long and one short.
  15. Couple more random thoughts... I also use Daemon tools for Virtual CD drives and this gives me no problem. I have a virtual drive e: for mounting .iso images and CONFIG in the Simple burner options also me to use this no problem. What drive letter is your physical drive? Maybe Simple Burner has an issue with drives beyond a certain letter. Do you have the latest drivers for the drive unit?
  16. Couple of thoughts - possibly relevant possibly not... The service for the DB Access Services basically points to: C:\Program Files\Sony\MD Simple Burner\mdrcdb.exe Check you have this file. You could install this as a service manually, but I wouldn't recommend it. Couple of shots of my registry setting for Simple Burner, compare with yours and see if there any major differences: Notice in the main MD Simple Burner branch (see my attachment 1) - (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\MD Simple Burner) there is a key called DB User Path which points to another sub key (see attachment 2). [attachmentid=575] [attachmentid=576]
  17. What format are your tracks in? MP3? Does your unit support MP3 direct playback. If not you need to convert them to ATRAC. In the transfer settings button make sure the settings are set to "Standard Transfer Mode" or "As is". Then click on the Advanced button at the bottom and change to "Ask each time" so that when a track cannot be transferred directly in its native state you will be asked what you wish to convert it to.
  18. I woudn't recommend using the ni-cad either. What you could do is get a couple of 2300mh AA rechargeables like the ones used in Sony stills cameras. These can be picked up quite cheaply. Charge up before you go and use them in the external battery pack. (Assuming you manage to find it)
  19. Hmmm I'm fast running out of ideas Only thing I can think is uninstall Simple Burner: Backup the following key (in case you need to roll back) by exporting it HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Sony Corporation\MD Simple Burner Then delete that from the registry taking care not to delete any thing else under the Sony Corporation folder. Uninstall Simple Burner Reboot Re-install from downloaded version from MDCF
  20. Yes exactly same as mine (Open MG module also) What version of MDAC did you install? 2.8?
  21. Can you also confirm what version of Simple Burner you are running: the latest I believe is This can be downloaded from the downloads area here
  22. Administrative tools is also in the control panel on my machine (classic view), but anyway it's strange you only have the one service in there... My normal MD Simple Burner service only runs as local system. It is the other one that requires a user logon.
  23. In case you haven't seen yet, he has another batch up for sale again.
  24. You should just be able to change it via the services applet. Go to start => run and type "services.msc" from the prompt (without quotes) Find the service called "MD Simple Burner DB Access Service". Double-click on it. Go to the log on tab. Change Local System account to "This account." Browse for an account & type in manually the password twice. Click apply. You may get a message saying the account has been granted "log on as service rights" Say OK. Exit the simple burner icon in the system tray Right click on the service and say restart Re-launch simple burner Try this and let me know how it goes
  25. Thanks for the comments The red unit looks real nice as well - not sure if anyone here has one though as it's a Sony Style JP Exclusive...
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