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  1. as well as the record head wiring problem, 707's seem to be particularly hardest hit, if I were me going for anothe one I would got at least to an NH-700 or 800 Bob
  2. Very nice, would be nice of Sony to donate a top of the line one to SI to give away as a prize to the best Bob from the Cayman Islands ;-)
  3. bobt

    Simple Burner

    As far as I know, because SB runs within SS you have to have SS installed, just make sure your friend isn't using Vista Good luck Bob
  4. Loaded it with some tunes, what a great sounding unit, and it works on the connect2 adapter, so now I can listen to SP, Hi-MD and HD, too bad there are no drives more than ten or fifteen minutes on the island!
  5. did a deal with Rob for the HD1, everything as advertised, beauty unit, definatley good to deal with
  6. Hello to my NW-HD1, thanks Rob, what a beautiful solid little unit, just putting tune in it
  7. Your home stereo probably needs to see an SP recording, your net is probably in double or for times Bob
  8. I generally listen to goth and trance stations through winamp
  9. Happy Birthday hungerdunger and sinus
  10. bobt

    Sony MZ-M200

    I'd put it through the forum in the 300 range and see what happens Bob
  11. By from here as well, got a few of their album somewhere in Canada, made good music, enjoy the heavenly choir Mary Bob
  12. Some people are born dumb and just get stupider, what a moron, reminds me of a place I worked at in Canada, one morning we got to work and noticed one of the cars in the lot had been broken in to, stereo and stuff stolen, called the police, they came took pictures did a dusting, policeman tells me that the chance of catching this guy are slim and none, when i looked down and saw a wallet on the ground, asked the policeman if that would help him, he opened it up and smiled, says that they have been trying to pin something on this guy for a while, but he was always a step ahead, fast forward a bit, when it got to court, he took down a few of his friends, a lot of stuff was recovered, and he got a couple of years, don't know if he got his wallet back though! Bob
  13. Welcome to our little world, have fun and enjoy Bob
  14. Watched The Soloist, absolutely incredible, If you thought Jamie Foxx was good as Ray Charles, he is absolutely brilliant as Nathaniel Ayers, watch this movie and be moved Bob
  15. If I were me I would ask on the board if there is anyone in the ohio area close to me that would be willing to A: part with their unit, or B; come to your place and do the copying. Real time will take approximately 8000 minutes, uploadin, considerably less, I can assure you that you will not be able to tell the difference. Other solution, got to minidisc canada, buy an RH1, do your duty, sell it on the board, Good luck Bob
  16. I believe that the Onkyo decks are still being built as well. Bob
  17. bobt

    Nice little car

    I had a friend years ago who had a Harley with straight pipes, if you drove it gently it made a nice sound, but if yougave it a hard turn on the throttle, it would break windows, anyway, he got pulled over one night, police thought it was too loud, they asked him to rev it, he very slowly revved it, policeman was confused, put his ear by the pipes, Jesse did what he had to do, cracked it to wide open throttle, must have very nearly deafened the poor guy, and anyone else within a few hundred feet, got a ticket for stunting. That engine must be a lot louder, if you search youtube for radial motorcyle, you'll see a guy in Australis who put a seven cylinder radial in a motorcycle, very wild Bob
  18. I admire both of you on your perseverance on getting the machine to do what you want, working outside the box as it were. In the end if it achieves what you want, it will be worth it, and to those with an RH10, who use these functions, please thank Avrin and TC for your new capabilities Bob
  19. bobt

    Nice little car

    Hi Stuge, I wish I had an even small portion of the machinery to make this car, from what I gather it was made by a retired aircraft engineer in Romania, I have to make do with a Kia Pregio diesel van, at least I can burn cooking oil! Bob
  20. bobt

    Nice little car

    I like how how made the air shift transmission, forward, neutral, reverse, with that kind of power and torque, who needs steenken gears! Fun fun fun till his daddy took the T-Bird away! Bob
  21. bobt

    Nice little car

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TIdQFnUvCA Perfect car for Little Cayman, nice little put put! Bob
  22. It's ok to talk to yourself, it's even ok to argue with yourself, but when you regularly lose those arguments, then there is trouble. Anyone for a little Tom Waits from Nighthawks at the Diner, song will remain unnamed for those who don't know it! Bob
  23. MDC is minidisc canada, goes by another name now, but google Minidsc Canada, will get to the site, occasionally they have 700's and M300's, but you have mics already, Bob
  24. Again, nice site, thanks for sharing, nice to have new life and enthusiasts Bob
  25. nice site, lots of stuff Thanks Bob
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