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  1. i still cant find the old posts. can you please tell me exactly how to find them. thanks.
  2. what happened to the hi-md and net md sections of the forum. they are suddenly gone!!!
  3. just erase it and record in sp mode. it will be fine.
  4. i assume its for net-md support in windows7 64bit
  5. make sure you are using windows media 11
  6. the situation has been resolved with a full refund! .... thanks
  7. lp2 sounds very different from the original for certain types of music! Its easy to hear...
  8. sorry. i was just trying to get a hold of you. i will continue to contact you through email while we are resolving the problem. thanks
  9. if its an inexpensive deck especially a sony one the digital out will sound better.
  10. the deck you sold me is totally broken i cant even get the disk out. i sent you an email. i need a refund!
  11. \ i have had something like that happen to me 2 times before. the anti skip buffer did not clear after you loaded the new disk
  12. open the slider door on the disk and take a look inside. maybe you will see something
  13. i will buy it! please email me back at covertbill1@hotmail.com thanks!
  14. those units always have bad record heads. the ribbon cable cracks. ,maybe its that
  15. i was just checking back in to see how the true SP download is going. i am very excited about this. is there any new information on when this will be available for download?

    JVC XM-228

    i think one of the disc sense switches is dirty you could take it apart look for the switches and use contact cleaner to try to clean them.
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