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  1. just use an ohm meter to measure the head!
  2. ss can always delete any tracks as long as the disk is not a pre recorded md. i said they were lost forever because none of the unit types will upload tracks that were downloaded from ss. they are stuck on the disk! the disk can be deleted but not uploaded.
  3. if your using windows and winamp just use a program called "wincue" it works great
  4. you can delete the tracks from the disk when the unit is hooked up to the computer just make sure the write protect tab is set to the record position but before you do you must understand that the recordings will be lost forever. if you need to keep them upload using the headphone analog output hooked to your soundcard input.
  5. i didnt think you could set the record level on the digital input recordings?
  6. that one should work fine. just make sure the voltage and polarity are set properly
  7. i think your power adaptor is bad!
  8. i would like to have it. i live in the united states in pennslvania. how much do you think the shipping would be?
  9. i have 2 they always worked perfectly with a 1.2 volt battery. i dont know anything about the service mode./
  10. didnt sony get the maximum frequency encoded to minidisc sp up to 20khz with type-r encoding for sp?
  11. i believe i read mdmonitor has nothing to do with minidisc.
  12. it sounds like the laser is either bad or dirty! try to clean the laser first.
  13. it does not say anything about playing or recording md's maybe it only means that it will play atrac3+ cdr's?
  14. i just realized you have a n-707. they are prone to breaking! the write head cable snaps and becomes intermittent causing write problems and incorrectly written disks
  15. definitly try the disk in as many units as you have it might work on one of them. also you could try to carefully open the shutter and see if ther is dirt on the disk. i have had many dirty disks. just clean them with a qtip
  16. if you are using a non hi-md unit then you should use the optical output and record that way you can get sp 292k. it wil sound almost perfect. you will not be able to tell the difference from the original
  17. all mp3 is lossy. including 320k...
  18. yes it will sound good. i use my net md in my car this way. it sounds great
  19. i think i got it to work. i turned off my anti virus software and disabled my spysweeper program.
  20. i have an old hp pavillion desktop. that has a usb 1.1. i have never had problem with sonic stage 3.4 on the other 4 pc's i have it on. they are all newer but i cant believe the hp i want to run ss on is too old. it runs windows xp has all the service packs installed and 750mb ram and the hard disk is only 1/4th full. i still can only transfer 1 or 2 songs before it stops. therer are 2 usb ports on the front. i have not tried the ones on the back. does anyone have any experience with old slower pc'c. i have already tried converting the songs first then transfering them. it still does not transfer more than a song or two. it almost seems like there is a problem with the usb ports?
  21. if you want professional quality you can't record in anything lower than 256k hi-sp. the other rates have too low of a bit rate and too hi compression to be anywhere near professional quality,
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