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  1. lp4 cuts off at 13k and its joint stereo! it really is terrible you are confusing this poor guy. anything below 256k will sound noticibly worse than a cd. just use sp292k hi-sp256k or atrac 3 at 352k and you will be very happy with the sound. a simple optical cable copy will produce excellent copies.


    how much were you looking to get for it?
  3. they do not make pre recorded disks anymore!
  4. i was just checking back in. has there been any progress with the true sp download. i still cant wait to try it...
  5. the write protect is not in the software. it is only controlled by the slider tab exactly like a floppy disk.
  6. i would love to have something like this but have it be able for me to drop flac files directly onto sonic stage automaticly convert them to .wav so sonic stage could read them.
  7. i didnt think you could use "sp" compatiable mode in simple burner? how do you do that? what version do you use? thanks
  8. i have an old windows xp machine with a usb optical out hooked up to the optical in of my md deck. then ilay and md its already hooked up and if i want to record an md i can just do it through the deck thats already hooked up. i use the deck as a dac when i just want to listen to the songs from the hard drive. it works great. yes the fan is loud because the pc is so old the fan is on all the time at full speed.
  9. sometimes in the sony batteries there is some of the plastic cut away on the battery so the sony unit can only charge the sony battery. look at the plastic wrap around the old battery and compare it with the new not recognized batteries and if they are different cut away the plastic on the new ones to match the sony batteries.
  10. maybe the blue ray player is not set to output pcm. maybe the output codec is something else
  11. there are new drivers for net md under windows 7 form just a few months ago. maybe you can use those?
  12. no its not i had one before. the bass is overdriven and can be muffled or distorted depending on the music and the headphones.
  13. the unit does not have an equalizer only mega bass!
  14. i was just checking back. any new information about sp downloads. i am really looking forward to using it.
  15. i remember using real player too. it was a long time ago.
  16. sonic stage is good now just download the most recent one and use that.
  17. lp2 does not sound good compared to the original cd or atrac sp....
  18. i am interested in buying the 510. would you like to sell it?
  19. the n510 is a great sounding unit its type s and includes type r. its very user friendly and well designed. i had one and loved it...
  20. i use 192k usually and sometimes 256k. there are some things i listen too that only sound right if they are transfered at 352k. 128k lp2 sounds not good enough for me. lots of artifacts and too much of the music is missing.
  21. you need to use sonic stage to delete the track protected songs.
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