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What are you listening to right now?

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We talk about our gear and how to use it correctly, but what do we listen to with our gear?

I'll start us out. I've been listening to a custom mix made for me by a guy at the TBoard. Here's the tracklist.

Super Chicks (title)

01. eye - madvillian feat. stacey epps

02. moon dreams - airto/flora purim

03. ya ma le - gimmicks

04. all that we percieve - thievery corporation feat. pam bricker

05. african challenge - zoot simms

06. why i came to california - leon ware

07. theme de yoyo - art ensemble of chicago w/fontella bass

08. oh bondage, up yours! - x-ray spex

09. philosophy of the world - the shaggs

10. hello stranger - the carter family

11. your love is mine - holly golightly

12. lets live for the present - continental coets

13. lets take a walk on the moon - lucia pamela

14. monkey goes to the moon - christine shields

15. untitled - madlib

16. bialero - sonny & linda sharrock

17. upside down - fela anikulapo kuti+the africa 70 w/sandra akanka isidore

18. outer spaceways inc. - sun ra w/june tyson

19. we travel the spaceways(seg.) - sun ra

So what's in your MD?

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currently in shuffle w/ 2 discs. one was from a disc made by bland10000:

1-Ella Fitzgerald "Hawaiian war chant (Ta-hu-wa-hu-wa)

2-Romeo Void "Never Say Never"

3-The Supremes "Love Child"

4-Paul Hardcastle feat. Helen Rogers "Ventura Highway"

5-Bell Epoque "Miss Highway"

6-The Carpenters "Superstar"

7-The Andrews Sisters "Bei Mir Bis Du Schoen"

8-Patsy Cline "Crazy"

9-Cold Blood "I Just Want To Make Love To You"

10-Julietta Venegas "Lo Que Pidas"

11-Cannonball Adderly feat. Nancy Wilson "Never Will I Marry"

12-Shirley Bassey "Diamonds are Forever"

13-Creatures "Speeding"

14-Astrud Gilberto "Frevo"

15-Nellie McKay "Suitcase Song"

16-Keely Smith "Yata Hei"

17-Yuming (Yumi Matsutoya) "Yaketa Aidoru" (Idling Beam)

18-Jem "They"

19-Flying Lizards "Her Story"

20-Da Lata "Serious"

and the second disc is a various mix of Ayumi Hamasaki songs tongue.gif

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alice in chains-dirt and self titled

chemlab-burn out at the hydrogen bar, east side militia, and suture

clutch- self titled

codeseven-sense of coalition,division of labor, the rescue, and dancing echoes

dead sounds

deftones-around the fur and white pony, some one stole adrenaline

lost prophets- fake sound of progress

machine head- the burning red

mad season- above

nine inch nails- pretty hate machine

snot- get some

soundgarden- superunknown

spineshank- the height of callousness

fear factory- archetype

helmet- aftertaste

more machine than man- electrolust

1gb plus lp2= lots of music

gotta love it

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I have a basket of standard MDs by my door that I pick from for my MZ-S1:

Steve Kimock Band (various live shows, I think I have 3 plus a DVD that I copied via optical to MD 12-31-03)

Derek Trucks Band studio mix

Allman Brothers Band studio mix

Widespread Panic studio mix

U2 studio mix

80's Metal mix: Iron Maiden, Dokken, Sabbath, Scorpions, Def Leppard (this one is for the gym, not the walks in the morning) tongue.gif

Umphrey's McGee 12-04-04 (live show I recorded)

At least three Derek Trucks Band shows I recorded

Jerry Garcia Band Live mix

moe. studio mix

Rush studio mix

That's about all I can remember right now... I really dig being able to grab a different MD for the day depending on where I'm going and what I plan to do there...

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Since I don't have an MD, I guess this will be What's In a Group of Sectors on Cori's iPod Mini's Hard Drive. laugh.gif

Heaviest listening recently has been Ueto Aya's debut album "AYAUETO," Portishead's "Dummy," Aikawa Nanase's "purana," and APC's stellar "the thirteenth step."

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Right now, Im listening on 80min disc @ Atrac3 132kbps:

Armin Van Buuren - A State Of Trance 2004 Yearmix 2005-01-06 (2 hours set)    ((((  d sleep.gif b  )))))

YES!!!!! cheers.gif

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You won't find Andy without his Ugly META playing any of hide's three albums. YUKI oft features on this rotation. I don't even have portable audio these days, so I'm *gasp* playing the actual CDs! Whoa!

Some other variants are RoBoTs (yes, it's spelt like that) and X.

A little bit of Jeff Buckley isn't bad to listen to and.

Curiously JPOP. Go to japan for three weeks and look what happens, my music taste turns completely more asian than my girlfriend's.

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listening to Kind of Blue - Miles Davis on prerecorded MD  cool.gif

That's an awesome album. I've recorded it to SP and Hi-SP for use in my MD player and my ATRAC3Plus CD player. If you haven't heard Sketches of Spain yet, I highly recommend it as well.

At this moment I've got Time Out by the Dave Brubeck Quartet playing now.

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At this moment I've got Time Out by the Dave  Brubeck Quartet playing now.

ahh yes, another classic... friends of mine that don't dig Jazz love take five! have it on prerecorded too

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So what's in your MD?

At the moment it's the compilation "Chicago Soul".

user posted image.

The title of this CD is somewhat misleading as some songs belong to jazz and blues but to hear less-known songs from the Chess label is very pleasing. - I'll fill up this MD with songs from some other great Chess/Argo/Cadet compilations ("The Heating System, "Off The Wall", "Action Line", "Free Soul" and "Inside Out").

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1gb hi md

1rst and most important: conception records presents: walkan rotation mixed by j-rocc, recorded in hi-sp from the original tape, a friend of mine once bought on a class trip in berlin (he copied it immedeately after buying, never actually listened to the original tape to avoid quality loss) the best hip hop mixtape i know so far, very addictive !

i googled a tracklist 4 u:

1. Somethin' Funky for Your Walkman (Intro) - J.ROCC

2. World Premiere - Arcee

3. No Introduction/No Introdeezy - Jake One & Kutfather

4. Beat #1 (Interlude) - Conmen

5. Earth, Wind & Fire [Remix] - DJ Ace

6. Watch Your Words - Samson & Swift

7. Contribution (Interlude) - Carl Johnson

8. Any Last Words? - 3-D

9. My Position -

10. Beat #2 (Interlude) - Conmen

11. Essay on Pseudo-Ism - Arcee

12. Thoughts I Generate - Kutfather

13. Better Days - 3rd Degree

14. Living to Die - Diamond Mercenaries

15. Neva Scared - Kutfather

2: vienna scientists IV, five years of solid grooves. label compilation. dubby to housy chill-sound, but much more forward than K&D sessions.

3: roots manuva awfully deep

4: rawkus soundbombing II and III

5: superrappin´ - flipsides

6: thirstin howl III - skillitary

7: invisibl scratch picklz - the shiggar fragger show !

i consider making this one to my "compilations and mixtapes disk" removing the albums.

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now starting to use minidisc to listen to music from cd as the computer has lost its sound and too lazy to go to the cd player to change the discs

as well as tons of sound recordings of public transport, strictly no car sounds except if its used in the war against car culture and the urban blight it causes, and also sound recording with the neighbors, homemade sounds like rain on the tin treehouse roof, the pet gecko squeaking, christmas light transformers buzzing away in some weird musical tunes, the homemade lego space buggy driving, billycarts roaring down the street and too many more to mention

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Feeling rather eclectic on the disc at the mo:

Mastodon - Leviathan

Mastodon - Remission

Hidden Hand - Devine Propaganda

Incubus - Morning View

The Mars Volta - France The Mute

Zakk Wylde - Various

Mylo - Destroy Rock And Roll

Submerge Volume 1

Death In Vegas - Contino Sessions

Laurent Garnier - Excess Luggage

Dave Clarke - Live

Hed Kandi - The Mix- Summer 2004

MDZ - 04

430 West - Back To The Rhythm

430 West - Detroit Calling

Model 500 - Mind And Body

Underworld - HundredDaysOff

Nightmares On Wax - Various

These discs have so much room!!

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