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i once read an article analyzing why sony tried everything to stop md users to digitally "upload" music. the author said the reason is very simple: sony owns a company called "sony columbia". sony need to protect its "copy right". there is internal conflicting interest among departments in sony. that might be the real reason why sony abandoned md.

for those businessmen, they only need money and they do not know/care technology.

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Everyone here at work thinks I am crazy when they here that I want to get a $350.00/$400.00 Minidisc player.

But if I were to get an Ipod, Zune they are all for for it.

I tell them about the sound quality and how so much differs with that of those players yet they are like, "whatever," and yet , well they are happy to hear their music on those white earbuds that deliver the worthless type of sound quality ever. Might be better if you listen to AM.

I wish only that Sony would have made Movies , Bluray in an MD format, that would have been awesome.

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Everyone here at work thinks I am crazy when they here that I want to get a $350.00/$400.00 Minidisc player.

the market is driven by convenience, and today it's hard to justify MD to the average user, especially one who couldn't give a rat's about recording from live sources or line-in (who, let's face it, are nearly everyone).

First, you must find Hi-MD in stores (only one current model Hi-MD selling, two if you want to count manufacturer model number re-numberings).

Secondly, you must find (and pay for) the discs.

Thirdly, the masses remember the horrors of NetMD and lots of us remember SonicStage deleting stuff, upload restrictions, etc. These things all add up to terrible experiences and non-recommendations.

Fourthly, it doesn't do vids, isn't small, cheap, etc.

The devices selling now in the mass-market are simple in that the user loves to forget about storage mediums, and there are benefits to simplicty and lots of storage, but there are also downsides when lots of things are not removable or replaceable, IMO (naturally nearly all occurring outside the warranty period). I think within the warranty period there would be far less returns on a device without a mouth that opens up accepting discs, for example. Equalling less support costs for the manufacuter (not to mention greatly reduced manufacturing cost). However, outside this warranty period, I bet a well-taken-care-of MD unit would outlast any of these devices using embedded batteries and storage...simply 'cause these things are removable.

Anyway, MiniDisc would lose 70%+ of its potency if not for the quality (and features) of the recorders (to me). If the portables were machines that just accepted music from PCs for playback, there'd be little reason for me to get one aside from the removable batteries and storage (which are great benefits to me). I wouldn't keep one for the joy of waiting for it to transfer tracks, that's for sure.

The fact that the current model's buttons fail after a short time isn't re-assuring either. Sony don't have the perfect device here by a long shot. What they do have is the benefit of great features and recording (and playback) quality, but other devices compete on the playback front...and do it faster, easier and often better. It's really no surprise why others recommend something else. Especially when MiniDisc has traditionally come with crappy earbuds itself...there's very little differentiation to the average user who might buy one on the sound front out-of-box experience...except convenience is a LOT worse with Hi-MD to Joe and Josephine User, and they also get a lot of features their playback-only desires don't appreciate.

I guess what I'm trying to say is at the end of the day, it all makes sense and should take nobody by surprise that Hi-MD isn't taking over the world, and neither should it. It's a niche product in today's market. Today's market is also rife with disposable devices... but that's the nature of the beast until customers wake up to this fact.

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