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The Web MiniDisc Application

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Hi Stefano - great work on the app.  I was seriously thinking about selling on my NetMD recorder as it is the least favorite of my portables and its NetMD functionality hasn't been used in the best part of a decade.  Glad I hung onto it now!

I've had partial success on various devices / Operating Systems with the app:

Ubuntu - couldn't get it to work as I couldn't for the life of me work out what I was meant to do with the files on Github guidance: https://github.com/cybercase/webminidisc which give me user access to the device. If anyone can enlighten me on what I'm meant to be doing I'd be grateful as ideally Ubuntu would be my first choice.

Windows 10 - borrowed my daughter's Windows 10 laptop and it worked although did get some errors when transferring files.

Android - I can connect and edit track names using my mobile phone running Android 10 but when I try to transfer tracks I get a 'unable to complete previous operation due to low memory' message.  Tried it on a Fire HD8 tablet as well but that couldn't even see the minidisc recorder - think this is to do with the Fire HD's support (or lack of it) for the OTG cable. 

So happy I can edit track names etc but would love to get file transfer working on either Ubuntu or Android.  Any advice gratefully received.                

FYI I'm using a Sony MZ-N510 NetMD recorder.     


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I am still on my way to read all topics I have postponed since last november and about this one, I am still on page 3.

I come directly to the end to tell Stefano that in Italy there is Sergio Scotto who has his own Minidisc web site here 


As Sergio get a huge collection of portable units, including NetMD and HiMD ones, that would be interesting for Stefano to contact Sergio for more units testing. 


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I just have to say thank you to @cybercase for making this awesome app available to the minidisc users of the world!! I have just tried it with my MZ-N520 on my iMac ruining OSX 10.13.6. (the iMac is a 2010, so it't can't be upgraded further). Converted from mp3, but got an error when I tried to convert apple lossless. Anyway, I love the fact that minidisc as a format still thrive and that you found the time to make the app happen Stefano:)


Best wishes from Amund

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Hi everyone.

I have a MDS-JB980 and it would be great to get this working with Web Minidisc.

At the moment I use it in a virtual XP machine running on top of Linux.

If anyone would like a copy of the virtual machine or Windows Sony software driver to help get it working with the MDS-JB980 I can send you a copy.



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Yep I just came here to say after messing around with various other options this web app worked absolutely flawlessly with my MZ-RH1, no crashes or funny business to speak of.

Stefano you rock! 

Of course, I'd like to add one more vote to the pile for Hi-MD support, that would make these little devices the absolute best retro purchase ever (if they aren't already). Do you think if you had an RH1or similar in hand to tinker with there's a chance you would have time to investigate Hi-MD functionality? Or is it just not realistic time-wise now that things are returning (sort of) to normal? 

Thanks a million!


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There's a genuine bug in most versions of any minidisc firmware relating to deletion of files with the same name. The solution is to be quite sure to name every track differently BEFORE you try to delete them.

Sorry about that, but I recall this from a very long time ago.

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On 6/1/2020 at 6:18 PM, cybercase said:

Hello Enzo, happy you liked the app.

The idea of using a virtual machine to run sonic stage and then using a USB sniffer is exactly what I've discussed with @Fabrickator (who owns a JB980) .

On the paper, it could work. Then, once we've the communication logs we can try to fix the command-packets in the web minidisc app and see if it works.

I have done some research on the JE780 (which probably also applies to the JB980):


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The Web Minidisc Application can detect my Sony MZ-N920. However, I encounter Transfer Error and Connection Error with my Sony MZ-NF810, even though it says "Net MD - Paired" when connecting. I use a MacBook Pro with a Google Chrome browser.


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