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  1. just get a usb optical adaptor for the computer and use winamp with wincue to put the spaces in. works great, digital transfers to sp and makes track marks too.
  2. i have not used those but the worst ones i ever used were some colored maxells. the plastic was cheap and the slider door that covers the disks fell off all the time, however they did not fail the recording part. they always recorded and played fine. i still have them. they even feel very cheap.
  3. 14! just signed. with only 14 signatures sony wont give a rats ass!
  4. you forgot to hook the analog headphone output to the line in on the computer. the transfer is analog. set the eq to off and the volume to 24 on a sony unit. the files will be playable as soon as they are made. the software has a input waveform viewing screen to help set the levels for the computer sound card. while you are transferring the songs you should see the waveform bouncing on the screen if you have is set up right. set the slider level on the program for the biggest waveform that does not clip on the top or bottom or you will get distortion when you play it back.
  5. you can use "hi-md renderer". you can download it here. it does the net-md transfer in analog real time but it also transfers the track titles and add the spaces too. it works really well and its free!
  6. the added track does not have to be silence just add a track so the toc is re written.
  7. you might be able to get the recordings back if you have any machine that can read the discs just record a 1 second silence at the end of the disk and the toc will be rewritten and any of your players could read it. i have done this before sometimes it works
  8. its a sad day. we will never have sp download....
  9. hi i havent checked this for a while. can we download true sp to net-md units yet? thanks.
  10. use win cue with winamp to stop the songs for three seconds between tracks and the track marks will be there automatically i make all my sp disks this way
  11. sonic stage can not inport files from itunes that are not in mp3 format. right click on the song files and see what type they are.
  12. i have seen many units with bad lasers that will record the first 15 mins then stop or it will start skipping..
  13. i think your laser is bad! try to record an entire disk in sp mode with the line or optical in and play the whole 80 mins back and see if its ok.. then go back and try the computer download again.
  14. you could try to reseat the display cable
  15. analog chain recording reduces the quality the further down the chain you go... for sound quality you should use digital chain recording with three decks set up like what you have now.
  16. wma files go up to 320kbps, 192k is not the highest rate...
  17. my mzn-707 is type r. there is a label on the front. my s1 unit is not type r. the solder connections on the s1 unit are not bad or cracked. the headphones have a gold plated connector the unit just sounds bad... it does have a backlight which is nice.
  18. i dont know what firmware version but its made in malasia. it is not broken. it has way too much bass and not enough hi end even with the bass boost off..
  19. i have one i think it sounds terrible in all modes compared to my mz-n707
  20. so does that mean you dont have any for sale. i try to buy my stuff used. i have i sansa clip that i use all the time at work and i listen to my md player while its charging
  21. i am interested in the sansa players! what models do you have? how much?
  22. its in the options in sonic stage. i cant remember where but just look around in the pull down menus its easy to find.
  23. if you use standard sp everyone theat has any minidisc model can play them.
  24. try to delete all your converted atrac files and then optimize the database.
  25. the entire hi end is cutoff. lp4 must sound good! lp2 sounds good as long as you dont mind all the background sounds in the music being gone...
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