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  1. cant he just download all the standard drivers from the download section. its not in there? maybe he can use the windows 7 drivers?
  2. set it to 2 channel pcm off the subject. but we hear a lot about spain here in the usa. how is it over there?
  3. its cheaper if you buy a digitial optical output for your computer then you dont need cds
  4. you lose quality when you convert to mp3
  5. try a different disk and try cleaning the laser.
  6. try burning the cdr at 4x instead of max speed. i always had better luck that way.
  7. one time i had an sp only deck play an lp2 recording at normal speed. it was a lp2 track that was already deleted from the disk before i recorded some sp on it. it never happened again no matter how many times i tried to duplicated it.
  8. just checking back in. can we transfer true sp to the units yet? thanks. its been a long wait....
  9. i have a 600d i am using right now. i adjust the equalizer all the time through the sound setting without the remote all the time.
  10. no. it has been docmented before. sony did it on purpose to promote their own atrac codec as superior to mp3. just convert all your mp3's to atrac and the will sound great all the time.
  11. try to set the dvd player for 44.1k pcm 2 channel stereo output...
  12. do you still have the scms stripper that you were selling a few years ago?
  13. the one i have that sounds bad on lp2 is a type R. it says it right on th front.
  14. i would not buy one. i have one. it is very heavy and does not sound very good especialy on lp2 however it has a backlight which is nice.
  15. just checking in. can we download true sp files to net md yet? its going to be awesome!
  16. use sonic stage and your potrable to make an "sp" disc. its a setting in the tranfer options. it shold play on your 510. i think you made a lp2 disk. you know you got it right if it says sp on the portable. play it from that unit first. i think the decks recording function is proken but i bet the playback is fine if it comes up with the track numbers
  17. i made over 300 mds this way. i still have 100 blanks to go!
  18. use winamp with wincue to add a delay between tracks. set it to 3 seconds. if it makes extra zero length tracks between the real ones just delete them with sonic stage.
  19. you can record in sp without sonic stage if you use winamp with wincue to pause the playback between tracks set it to 3 seconds and use tos link digital cable for the recording all the track marks should be in the right places. just use sonic stage for the track titles and to create the groups you want to make.
  20. dont rip SP to your standard md from sonic stage! its really just 132kbps lp2 with extra bits added so it can play on older players. use the optical cable instead for true SP 292kbps. it will sound much better! almost perfect to the original cd.
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