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  1. just set your dvd player with the optical out to 2channel stereo pcm output. and just hook it up to your md.
  2. there was a driver problem causing the pcm uploads to take ten times longer than normal.
  3. thanks for the reply. i look forward to trying it when its finished
  4. does the battery still work? how much?
  5. the playback sound is not that good. only buy it if its really cheap. recording from the optical in should be fine. the overhead wrihe bloc ribbon cable is very prone to breaking. i would buy a better model...
  6. my friends all gave me their old vcrs i use three of them on a regular basis. they work fine for standard def recording. we dont have any flat tvs in our house.
  7. if the transformer is bad maybe you could just buy that. it might be easier to find one that works.
  8. do you still have the scms stripper you offered for sale a few years ago?
  9. just checking in again. the true sp download was supposed to be finished last christmas. it has been a whole year past that. can we finally download true sp to standard 80 min disks in normal md mode? thanks...
  10. i am not sure if you meant that you wanted your computer to control the md recorder. you cant use WMP for that. you have to use sonicstage.
  11. 320mp3 does not sound better converted to sp. its the unit you play back the sp on that sounds better. sp does sound better straight from cd...
  12. why dont you just record from the analog rca outputs? it will sound fine...
  13. if you buy an old sharp portable unit some of them have faster "fake sp" sonic stage transfers. i think i saw some at 6x speed.
  14. just format it in windows. it will be blank with no files.
  15. i dont know how to use the pm. where do i find your message? thanks
  16. yes using the cloud will cause you to incur data charges to listen to your own music. i keep all mine on a removable hard disk with a backup and transfer to my sansa player for normal listening at work. than while the sansa is charging i listen to my sp 80 min disks. i have about 250 of them. i own all the music so its free to listen to, this cloud stuff is a really bad expensive idea.
  17. can i please have the old disks you are going to throw in the trash. i will pay the shipping? thanks
  18. wow ! this is really great news! i am very excited to have true sp downlaods with track titles! as soon as it is finished i will be more than happy to make a donation...
  19. the mz-n707 units are known to fail waith a broken ribbon cable on the overhead write assembly. they do sound very good though.
  20. a thousand signatures would be a good start. what i really want is a unit that can upload sp that is less than $150 the rh1 is too expensive!
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